Gravity control 1. Train for the future

Gravity control. Antigravity. AETHER.

Gravity control, Antigravity. To understand, a person needs to explore everything himself, Gravity control. Antigravity… Purpose: to Know the essence of gravity Our task is to see what others do not notice and do not want to recognize. We are not going to rely on all well-known truth. We will proceed from the fact that … Read more Gravity control 1. Train for the future

The MAGIC Engine


The MAGIC Engine, Dr. eng. Puiu Caneparu. Antigravity is a concept that still people consider a science-fiction utopia.Information on antigravity research has begun to appear in the media lately.In documents preserved in ancient Sanskrit in ancient India over 15,000 years ago, an anti-gravity propulsion method is presented as: a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract … Read more The MAGIC Engine



Photon. The new definition of a photon includes the following properties of electromagnetic waves: The propagation of magnetic waves and the constant speed of light. The consequence of determining the gravity and wave behavior of a photon as a transverse wave over the tension of the longitudinal curvature of the Global Ether is that the gravitational … Read more Photon

Tesla and Einstein Were Both Right

Tesla and Einstein

Tesla and Einstein By Miles Mathis I will show in this paper that Tesla and Einstein were both right regarding the aether or ether. In the current state of the argument, Tesla and Einstein are seen to be on opposite ends of the question, in irreconcilable positions. The standard model interprets Einstein as being against all types … Read more Tesla and Einstein Were Both Right