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Gravity control 1. Train for the future

Gravity control. Antigravity. AETHER.

Gravity control, Antigravity. To understand, a person needs to explore everything himself, Gravity control. Antigravity… Purpose: to Know the essence of gravity Our task is to see what others do not notice and do not want to recognize. We are not going to rely on all well-known truth. We will proceed from the fact that … Read more Gravity control 1. Train for the future

The MAGIC Engine


The MAGIC Engine, Dr. eng. Puiu Caneparu. Antigravity is a concept that still people consider a science-fiction utopia.Information on antigravity research has begun to appear in the media lately.In documents preserved in ancient Sanskrit in ancient India over 15,000 years ago, an anti-gravity propulsion method is presented as: a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract … Read more The MAGIC Engine



Photon. The new definition of a photon includes the following properties of electromagnetic waves: The propagation of magnetic waves and the constant speed of light. The consequence of determining the gravity and wave behavior of a photon as a transverse wave over the tension of the longitudinal curvature of the Global Aether is that the gravitational … Read more Photon