The Aether in gravity and telekinesis

You don’t have to believe everything you’re told. Someone is right, someone is wrong, and some just deliberately mislead you. But each person is able not only to receive information, but also to check, systematize and draw their own conclusions. Here we will look for answers. You can believe or not believe in the law of gravity, and you can take and check.

Perhaps this law is private, and does not apply to some phenomena. It is desirable to use the experience of other researchers gained recently. And, of course, discarding other people’s statements, we will check everything on our own, we will go further, perhaps changing the direction of thought, we will look for the truth.

Our task is to see what others do not notice. We are not going to rely on all well-known truth. We will proceed from the fact that we do not know or believe them. How else do you find the truth? Only to come to it very. ”It is better to know the truth by half, but on your own, than to know it in its entirety, but to learn from others ‘ words and learn it like a parrot.” (Romain Rolland) it is quite natural that science has long known about the particularity and not omnipotence of some fundamental laws.

Moreover, in communication with modern adequate scientists, there was a certain thought, and this thought is unambiguously directed towards understanding the essence of the aether. Having understood the essence of ether, the essence of gravity becomes clear. Persistent denial by science of the very first element of the table created by Mendeleev-Ether, already asks a question – here someone lies. Instead of Ether, gave us not quite a formal notion of “Dark matter” — hot and cold, dark energy… Refer to Mendeleev: “it is Impossible to deny the weight of the ether, because since the time of Galileo and Newton’s ability to attract, ie, weighing is the primary definition of matter”. (Attempt of chemical understanding of the world ether, Mendeleev 1905):

Aether 1
This periodic table. Оriginal.

Original periodic table

New and forgotten old information, modern research is so much that to check, organize, analyze and draw conclusions science is simply not physically ready. The amount of information is unrealistically large. That’s why I propose to understand themselves at least in gravity. Also make sure materiality of thought. Why exactly two seemingly incompatible concepts? All because gravity and telekinesis probably work on the same principle. The principle of absorption and release of energy, the principle of oscillations, changes in the state of the ethereal component of bodies and the state of space between bodies.

The reaction of the arrow of the device to these processes is the same. In my work I have already found application to my new research. For example, with the understanding of the principle of density latency, for example, hydrocarbons, errors in the accounting of petroleum products are significantly reduced. And this concept is applicable not only to all liquids and their mixtures with variable density, but also having the possibility of any processes in them (!).

Conducting experiments with telekinesis, there is always a feeling of the power of thought, the mass of thought, its magnetism. Maybe it’s a stereotype laid down from childhood-without the mass there is no strength? But perhaps telekinesis is the ability of the brain to tune in to the oscillation frequency of the subject, thereby affecting the subject. Realizing that absolutely everything fluctuates with its frequency, the question arises how all oscillations are transmitted over distances? After all, the conductivity of different media for different frequencies is different. Can to transfer the subtle matter of thought need to be as thin environment?

And the thinnest medium, as we know from this periodic table, is the Aether. Therefore, it can be assumed that telekinesis is the ability of the brain, tuned to the frequency of the object of influence, directed to increase the density of the Aether of the object and around the object itself. Compaction on the one hand, lowering the density on the other, as the lift of the wing in aerodynamics, use the Aether component of each body. At the same time to create such a difficult impact, a person simply wish that it would happen. And the brain will do the rest of the work itself. Next, you will see for yourself, based on the results of the experiments.

space here
Quite a long time, as a cadet aviation school, we were explained that the working aircraft engine weighs nothing. But by staying, the engine immediately returns its not light weight. We’ll check. Although we do not have an aircraft engine and appropriate weights, we will be able to verify this statement .

Experiments on the study of gravity, at first just brought me and others in surprise. It is not clear how this is possible. But repeating the experiments over and over again, using different versions of the device, make sure that this is reality, and it’s time to start thinking about the nature of gravity. As they say, trust, but check. And again the idea of moving to the airwaves.

Again, you begin to assume that the gravitational interaction can be a change in the density of space caused by the processes of absorption and release of energy (as for example, not only here, but also in the experiments of the Show), vibrations of certain frequencies and mass of bodies, rotation of these bodies.perhaps gravity is a directional change in the density of space — Aether, the interaction of the Aethereal components of the bodies of the system.

Perhaps the Aether itself is energy. It is obvious that the material bodies are not an obstacle to the passage of the Aether. But they are able to change the state of space in some way. So, by analyzing the data from the experiments with rotation and telekinesis it is possible to calculate the density of the Aethereal space mathematically. Or we take our device with the arrow. You can blow air on the arrow, naturally the breath will throw the arrow at a considerable distance, or even tear it off the thread. The impact of fluctuations essential component of thought, will move the arrow slowly.

The density of air and Aether incommensurable, but measurable. Refer to Mendeleev: “Cubic metre of air should weigh approximately not mine 0,ооооооооооооооо1 grams if CC meter of water weighs 1,000,000 grams, and the lightest hydrogen gas at 0° and at ordinary atmospheric pressure a cubic meter weighs about 90 grams”. (Attempt of chemical understanding of the world Aether, Mendeleev 1905). After all, my attitude towards pseudo-scientists who deny the Aether clearly becomes disrespectful and even contemptible.

The permeability of the Aether through the sealed housing of the device and the protective metal screen is obvious. Also one extremely important and interesting feature was noticed. Long-term use of torsional scales Kozyrev, significantly reduces the sensitivity of the device. Replacement of the device arrow returns the device to the operating state.

It is quite natural to expel the Aether from the periodic table, due to the absence of a price for it. It cannot be sold. Any element of the table has its price. The price is determined by the demand, availability, prevalence of the element, the cost of its production and processing, as well as many other factors. Aether, as energy and energy source, has no price. Presumably, occupying more than 95% of the universe, the Aether can not be sold and bought. It is everywhere and in its original form. Unlike hydrocarbons and other paid energy sources.

And now, let’s move directly to the experiments:

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