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Antigravity Propulsion systems

Antigravity propulsion systems.

Antigravity and therefore the Ultimate Spacecraft Propulsion System
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Source: Global Net

There is wide confusion with the idea of antigravity and its connected subjects. If we have a tendency to imagine a magnet arrangement with one magnet settled stably higher than another, ‘like’ poles along, we’ve got repulsion and a magnet suspended in house. Visually it resembles a sort of antigravity however after all it is not any a lot of antigravity than is reaction propulsion.

In this instance not solely are we have a tendency to not reversing gravity or counteracting it directly however we are only functioning on surfaces (or a lot of strictly, acting with a 2D-to-3D interface), with Newtonian forces. The development of antigravity, or gravity, doesn’t perform on Newtonian forces (as lined in alternative web-site articles).

Let USA create a comparison between 1) the higher than magnetic or magnetic force field (magnetic field created by electricity) example, and 2) true antigravity. Consider the higher magnet, within the higher than example, control higher than the lower magnet by suggests that of strings secured in a very horizontal manner so the magnet will move vertically. Like poles face.


Now allow us to raise the higher magnet and so unleash it. Initially it’ll fall as a results of the attractive force being larger than the repulsion between the magnets. The higher magnet can fall past the balance purpose due to its momentum, mass times speed, and continue till the force is larger than the attractive force and the decreasing momentum. Now, whereas stationary, with no momentum (no velocity) the repulsion is larger than the attractive force result and it’ll move upwards. Again it moves on the far side the balance purpose thanks to momentum, etc. It can so oscillate with decreasing amplitude till it settles stationary within the balance purpose.

If we have a tendency to currently take into account associate degreealogous|the same} founded however have an antigravitational field rather than a magnetic flux, what would happen after we raise the higher mass and let it go? We will take into account that the antigravity field encompasses a supply below the suspended object and the sphere diminishes with distance from the source fittingly.

When we have a tendency to unleash the mass it falls since the attractive force result on the mass is larger than the antigravitational field at this time. What happens once the mass reaches the balance point? It stops short. Why?–because there’s no inertia, no momentum , while the item had speed. A attractive force and antigravitational field act 4D to 3D and penetrate entirely any mass.

There is not any momentum since the anti gravitational field and therefore the field act outright on all atoms and their nuclei. At the balance purpose, the upward thrust on the item from the antigravity is adequate the downward thrust of gravity. Now this additionally suggests that after all that Associate in Nursing object, in general, falling below gravity, isn’t manifesting inertia while it’s accelerating–there is not any attractive force till the motion is inactive by a surface, making a Newtonian force. A falling body is latched on to the flow; it’s not pushing its means through spacetime with inertia and Newtonian forces. there’s a whole failure to know this distinction (see alternative web-site articles).

Now since matter would after all relate to antigravity, allow us to touch upon the matter that’s purported to exist within the universe, that if it came into contact with our matter might kill each with the discharge of wide energy. What kind would this matter take? might or not it’s that the electron’s (negative) charge is reversed in polarity together with the reversal of its elementary particle, the antilepton? this kind of reversal wouldn’t after all create any difference–the lepton becomes the positron and the other way around. AntigravityPropulsion systems

But what regarding atoms? Would matter have positive particles revolving around a negative nucleus (the opposite of our atoms). No, this still wouldn’t work–the style of the atom would should be fully modified Associate in Nursingd it wouldn’t then answer our atoms as an opposite to cause complete annihilation, since this is often the check of verity opposite.

The charged nucleus at the centre of the atom could be a white hole, which implies energy is coming back into our third dimension, whereas electrons have properties kind of like black holes–energy spiralling inwards into their centres and out of the third dimension. If they were reversed, the atom wouldn’t be stable. However, we have a tendency to did say ‘antimatter that’s purported to exist within the universe’. so this is often a dead finish for our antigravitational search during this direction.

Let us currently gift 3 wide totally different principles of realistic antigravity in increasing order of sophistication and effectiveness, and follow this with 3 various examples:

1) Associate in Nursing atomic matter reactor,
2) subatomic particle/field system, and
3) one operational on wave motion.

The third system that we have a tendency to shall describe satisfies the condition for the final word orbiter propulsion methodology and is one that utilises the principle of attunement or resonance with the attractive force oscillation of the world or any cosmic body. This methodology is 4th-to-3rd dimensional and involves wave motion.
AntigravityPropulsion systems

The second system is additionally a real antigravity methodology that utilises management over attractive force nodes, which implies the field (see web-site articles on superspace and gravity). This methodology operates a lot of with 3rd-dimensional elements.

The first one we have a tendency to shall gift harnesses the white-hole repulsive properties of the centre of atoms. allow us to currently offer 3 acceptable examples utilising these principles, beginning with the latter, the matter reactor. For this instance, any of the inert gases would be simpler than alternative parts. The element doesn’t react with chemicals with the other element. it’s a stable structure of completed lepton shells thanks to a strong nodal force among the nucleus.

If we have a tendency to subject the element to air mass and temperature we are able to strip away the (negative) electrons close the charged nucleus. The atoms so become extremely ionising.
AntigravityPropulsion systems

If we have a tendency to currently apply a strong magnetic flux, the nucleus of the inert atoms, consisting of protons and neutrons, is disturbed. bear in mind the pattern principle we’ve got mentioned in alternative articles during which true wholeness exists in its claim at different natural entity levels of the universe, as an example, a planet, scheme, or an atom, or perhaps its nucleus. so by worrying or perhaps removing any protons or neutrons doesn’t take away the inner white-hole property of the nucleus. below these conditions these centres or nodes of atoms are exposed–powerful energy is coming back into our 3D. this is often quite compatible with physics that tells USA everything is below continuous creation–this inventive energy is coming back into our reality to form it, through natural entities, like atoms. this is often additionally the supply of the ability of the atomic bomb–a nucleon splits the nucleus, exposing the nodes of the fissile material emotional immense quantities of ‘white-hole’ energy. However, the magnetic flux doesn’t disturb the nucleus of the inert gases to form this dangerous mode.

This outflow of energy from the central nodes of those exposed atomic nuclei would push against any matter giving rise to repulsion. so this is often a possible methodology for making a localised antigravitational field. this method has apparently been achieved on the Q.T., and since we have a tendency to haven’t detected regarding it in public we are able to solely assume it’s the work of the key government. however they need a lot of advanced systems than this currently.

Let us currently describe the second methodology that operates at the fundamental particle level, however whereas the previous system creates Associate in Nursing antigravitational field, this one manipulates Earth’s powerful attractive force field–or the other such field within the cosmos.

This system has additionally been achieved by denizen exploitation magnetic force principles. the foremost notable pioneers during this field are John Searle and Otis Carr. Searle engineered several levity discs, some ten feet or a lot of in diameter. His system was same to be supported Associate in Nursing coil of 2 counter-rotating discs at the perimeter of that were a series of stator coil electromagnets. The centre was charged and therefore the perimeter charged. several of his discs, rising powerfully and vertically, might wrench out clumps of grass from the ground–similar to some ascertained UFOs–and were lost in house.
AntigravityPropulsion systems

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