Antigravity technology, history and prospects

Antigravity technology. levitation of a piezocrystal. Schauberger

Antigravity technology, history and prospects

Anti-gravity, it sounds mysterious. That word alone can infuriate a dozen skeptics. Why are we talking about it? There are reasons for this. At the end of last year, in my article on the EmDrive engine, I predicted that the development of this type of engine, working on some obscure physical principles, and it will be mastered, first of all, by the military, will inevitably lead to the beginning of the space race.

Although this strange, bucket-like device was created in the West by the inventor Robert Shoer (?), the Chinese were the first to develop it in practice. And this is understandable – the Chinese are practical people, and they do not care about the theory of relativity, Western cosmology or the law of conservation of momentum, which do not allow the existence of such engines. At the end of last year, information leaked to the Western press that the Chinese have improved the EmDrive engines so much that they intend to use them as low-thrust engines on their satellites.

The emergence of a new space engine, and even without mass rejection, which does not need fuel, which does not leave a heat trace, and consumes only the energy that it receives from solar panels, is a breakthrough. This engine allows you not only to change the orbit, go from low to high, it allows you to approach and destroy enemy satellites. For China, this technology is a chance to gain a military advantage in space. For the United States, it is a threat of losing military-strategic parity. And they reacted. On may 18, a special Directorate for space operations was established in the bowels of the Air force. And according to the guardian newspaper, this is directly related to the EmDrive engine and the Chinese space threat.

Of course, this thing is not yet a full-fledged “flying saucer” that can suck a cow or a gawking woodcutter into itself on a blue ray, but it is a real anti-gravity technology that will still be refined and improved. In principle, such an engine allows you to dramatically reduce the cost of putting cargo into geostationary orbit. According to experts of the company “Kannadrive”, about 4 times.

However, before we talk further about anti-gravity, we need to understand the terms.

And first of all, what is gravity? As you know, this is the force of interaction between two bodies, proportional to the magnitude of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. It is believed that in 1687, Isaac Newton “discovered” this fundamental interaction. In the case of low speeds, it is described by Newton’s theory of gravitation, and in General it is described by Einstein’s General theory of relativity. For elementary particles, the gravitational interaction is presumably described by the quantum theory of gravity, which has not yet been developed.

That’s what the textbooks say. Since most of us are ordinary opportunists, we accept life as it is, and generally we do not care what is written in textbooks, there is no doubt. But occasionally there are also inquisitive minds. And they ask – and, this way, all bodies are supposed to attract? What is this gravitational field, how does it arise, how does it act, at what speed does it propagate, over what distance?

And indeed, it is very much like some incomprehensible “Holy spirit”. Some very mysterious entity is obtained-it acts over an infinitely long distance, but it has no material carrier, it has no speed or frequency, unlike the electromagnetic field, it is not shielded by anything, nothing. But it severely restricts our freedom, and is perfectly friendly with barbed wire fences and artillery shells-helps them fly to the right place.

I venture to suggest that Western scientists are so fond of gravity, and persistently do not want to study it, that gravity is the best friend of any monarch, any tyrant and state: it powerfully and stubbornly restricts the freedom of their subjects. Put a fence around your castle or fortress, and all-gravity is your best friend.

I want to remind you how hard it was to make its way in aviation, because back in 1895, Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal society of London, said that ” it is Impossible to create flying machines heavier than air.” In General, he said a lot of things, for example, “radio has no future” and “X-ray radiation is quackery”, something reminds me of Kruglyakov and Ginzburg.

From the point of view of the state, of course, it is very dangerous to allow people to move freely, and even more so to fly. And here the parallel between anti-gravity technologies, Aeronautics and aviation is obvious: in all these cases, the interest of ordinary citizens is obvious – and the rejection and resistance of the rulers.

But before we continue, we need to figure out what anti – gravity is and what it isn’t. A balloon, plane, and rocket are not anti-gravity technologies, since they do not change the weight of the object itself. Anti-gravity technologies are characterized by rapid rotation, powerful electric and magnetic fields, glow, temperature decrease, as well as a number of incomprehensible phenomena and effects on living organisms.

The history of anti-gravity technologies begins at the end of the 19th century. In any case, so says Nick cook, editor of “Jane Defense weekly”, which became the first historian of anti-gravity. And author of the book “The hunt for zero point”. Usually these technologies are associated with the name of Nikola Tesla. But there was another hero, John Worrell Keely, the Creator of the Aero Navigator. Keely was a very unusual, mysterious person, although at the end of his life he gained a reputation as a manipulator and a crook. Nevertheless, his scientific work is impressive, and his terminology and ideas no doubt influenced Tesla.

It is clear that Nick cook is not familiar with what was done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Russia and Germany, and there were also interesting developments. For example, in his book “New space technologies” Alexander Frolov mentions the name of a certain Vladimir Ivanovich Korovin, an engineer and a rich man who was familiar with Tsiolkovsky and in 1917 built a certain device, which, in the presence of a crowd and journalists, safely flew to an unknown destination. Most likely, to Paris, where he graduated from the Polytechnic. I flew away, and I did the right thing – it was a dashing time.

In 1919, two German engineers, Kovski and frost, achieved the effect of levitation of a piezocrystal in a high-frequency electromagnetic field. It is reported that the crystal at the same time swelled like a balloon, increasing its volume by thousands of times, but kept its shape, and raised a decent load – 25 kilograms.

Even later there were installations of Schauberger’s” Repulsin”, which rose into the air, and the mysterious “Bell”. The whole thing was spinning wildly, and the bell was also fueled by radioactive fuel, if you can call it that. It is interesting that in the West they prefer not to mention not only the engineer Korovin, but also the German flying saucers built under the Nazis by Dr. Schumann from the technical University of Munich. They took to the air in 1934, supervised the project technical sub-division of the SS Entwicklungsstelle 4. There is information that they used a van de Graaf generator and a Hans Kohler Converter.

Can such information be trusted? I’m not a journalist from Ren-TV, I’m not interested in creating a sensation. But I am convinced that the information about German flying saucers is trustworthy. Why? For several reasons.

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