Antigravity Propulsion systems

anti-gravity engines

Antigravity propulsion systems. Antigravity and therefore the Ultimate Spacecraft Propulsion System Noel Huntley, Ph.D. Source: Global Net There is wide confusion with the idea of antigravity and its connected subjects. If we have a tendency to imagine a magnet arrangement with one magnet settled stably higher than another, ‘like’ poles along, we’ve got repulsion … Read more Antigravity Propulsion systems

Gravitational Force Shielding


Possibility of Gravitational Force Shielding by E. Podkletnov and R. NieminenTampere University of TechnologyInstitute of Materials ScienceP.O. Box 589, SF-33101Tampere, Finland Received 9 September 1992Revised manuscript received 13 October 1992 A possibility of gravitational force shielding by bulk YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductor Shielding properties of single-phase dense bulk superconducting ceramics of YBa2Cu3O7-x against the gravitational force were … Read more Gravitational Force Shielding

Inventions of Henry William Wallace


Gravitomagnetic Field / ‘Gravity-Shielding’ Experiments The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, the Gravitomagnetic Field, and the Tampere ‘Gravity-Shielding’ Experiment: Is There a Connection? September 1998 Source: Robert StirnimanP.O. Box 71407Las Vegas NV 89179E-mail: Abstract Wallace’s patents of the early 1970’s claim that a rotating object which contains unpaired nuclear spins can modify gravity. An … Read more Inventions of Henry William Wallace

Propulsion Systems


Gravitation, Repulsion and Doppler Distortion Systemsby Joshua GulickJune 25, 1999 Introduction All matter, from the simplest form to the most complex is composed vibrating surfaces or strings. Matter naturally vibrates in unison and/or harmony with all other matter. This matter vibration creates waves through the ether (the dynamic intersection of three dimensional space and the … Read more Propulsion Systems