Definition of Antigravity Termsby James E. Cox Copyright Antigravity News and Space Drive TechnologyVol. 1, No. 1, July-August 1997, p. 14.All Rights Reserved.Permission is Granted to Copy, Forward, or Post … Read More

US Antigravity Research

Chronology of US Antigravity ResearchBy James E. Cox 1850 – Dr. William Crookes investigates human levitation claims, such as Homes reported in Psychical Research literature. 1896 – John Keely demonstrates … Read More

The Earth Grid, Human Levitation and Gravity Anomolies

Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexesby Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D. Source: Extracted from: “Anti-Gravity and the World Grid”.Edited by David Hatcher-ChildressAdventures Unlimited Press, Stelle, Illinois, 60919 Knowledge of the Earth Grid or “crystalline … Read More

Definition of Antigravity Terms

Definition of Antigravity Termsby James E. Cox BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATION: Phenomenon wherein the bosons, a particle whose spin is zero or an integral number, making up a substance – a boson … Read More

7 Groups of Antigravity Devices

Classification Scheme for Antigravity Devicesby James E. Cox It is proposed that the various types of antigravity devices be categorized into the following seven groups: I. MECHANICAL ANTIGRAVITY DEVICES: These … Read More


Section 1: What is antigravity? Einstein’s “cosmological constant,” a postulated minute repulsion force necessary to account for the absence of universal gravitational compression was not completely rejected until 1999 when … Read More