Aether by K.A. Khaidarov. 1


What is Aether? Cosmic Aether is the basic physical matter of the Universe, filling all the physical space, the environment of all physical phenomena. In addition to Aether, there is nothing in the Universe. Physical fields (electric, magnetic, electromagnetic) are forms of motion of the Aether. All the elementary particles of matter (electrons, protons, neutrons … Read moreAether by K.A. Khaidarov. 1

Aether by K.A. Khaidarov. 2


What is the falsity of the concept of “physical vacuum”? The physical vacuum is a concept of relativistic quantum physics, by which they understand the lower (ground) energy state of a quantized field, which has zero momentum, angular momentum, and other quantum numbers. Physical vacuum relativistic theorists call a completely devoid of substance space, filled … Read moreAether by K.A. Khaidarov. 2

Aether by K.A. Khaidarov. 3


Why is lensing not “gravity etching”? According to relativistic mythology Gravitational lensing is a physical phenomenon associated with the deviation of optical radiation in a gravity field. Gravitational lenses explain the formation of multiple images of the same astronomical object (quasars, galaxies) when another galaxy or a cluster of galaxies (the actual lens) enters the … Read moreAether by K.A. Khaidarov. 3

Leonov V. S. Quantum Energetics. Theory of Superunification.


Theory of Superunification. Vladimir Leonov is a Russian theoretical physicist, experimentator and inventor. In 1996 he discovered the quantum of space-time (quanton) and superstrong electromagnetic interaction (fifth force). He is the author of the theory of Superunification, holds a number of important patents in the region of new energy and space technologies and is the … Read moreLeonov V. S. Quantum Energetics. Theory of Superunification.

Aether. What unites Mendeleev, Tesla and von Braun

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In ancient times, philosophers assumed that everywhere and everywhere there is a certain “water” of which everything consists, and in which we live and which we cannot feel. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) was the first to speak about the Aether as a scientific phenomenon. Later, scientists who studied the light, convinced that it is a kind of wave. But … Read moreAether. What unites Mendeleev, Tesla and von Braun