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Another Alternative Energy

A man by the name of Stefan Nystrom unreal способ to come up with energy from ocean waves that he claims would price fifth of what coal energy will. He founded a proto-type in Ghana and, initially, claims to possess found several potential investors. However, suddenly issues began to appear. The investors, originally extraordinarily gung

Tapping Limitless Quantities of Energy

Tapping Zero-Point Energyby Moray B. KingP.O. Box 859Provo, UT 84603 ABSTRACT The hypothesis for tapping the zero-point energy (ZPE) arises by combining the theories of the ZPE with the theories of system self-organization. The vacuum polarization of atomic nuclei might allow their synchronous motion to activate a ZPE coherence. Experimentally observed plasma ion-acoustic anomalies as

Free energy. Energy producers go bankrupt

Free Energy Technologyby Robert E. Ninety to a hundred years ago, everybody “knew” that a heavier-than-air machine could not possibly fly. It would violate the “laws” of physics. All of the “experts” and “authorities” said so. For example, Simon Newcomb declared in 1901: “The demonstration that no possible combination of known substances, known forms