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Earth’s electric field as an energy source

Earth’s electric field as an energy source. The article suggests a method for extracting energy from the Earth’s electric field. The search for new energy sources is becoming urgent in our time, since The earth’s hydrocarbon reserves are finite, and the available alternative energy sources cannot cover all the needs of humanity. This method is based on well-known physical phenomena: electrostatic induction and electric shielding

Earth’s electric field as an energy source

The earth together with the ionosphere is a giant spherical capacitor,
which is charged and creates an electric field around us. This capacitor is charged to
the voltage is approximately 300 kV, and the Earth’s surface is negative
charge, and the ionosphere is positive.

Electric field strength at the surface Land is 120-150V/m. It can change in small amounts over time and
depending on the area, but the average is about 130V/m. However, as we know, this field does not pose a danger to a person, since it is a striking factor for him is an electric current, and the presence of current requires a large number of free charges, which in the atmosphere (in its normal state)are negligible.

Under by the action of The earth’s electric field charges of opposite signs inside the body the position of the person is shifted relative to the position that would have taken place at the there is no field, but the field is always there. Therefore a constant unidirectional there is no movement of charges, which means that there is no electric current in the human body, caused by The earth’s electric field.

Prospects for creating a device that extracts more power from atmospheric air
of course, I am pessimistic. The fact is that the conductivity atmospheric air is only 10-14 degrees Cm/m. Air ionization at
the use of a grounded mast with points is local in nature, so select from
such a high-resistance source of noticeable power is impossible.
Significant power from atmospheric phenomena can only be removed in the event of a thunderstorm,
when channels with high conductivity appear.

Receivers in this case can be to catch the lightning with the help of special antennas and to charge the capacitor large capacity, which are used for energy storage. However, the storm is in the concrete
this phenomenon is quite rare and unpredictable, so there are difficulties with storage and use of energy.

Expensive equipment in this case will be the vast majority of time is wasted. Existing alternatives
energy sources (solar and wind power) are not all-weather and do not they provide humanity with the necessary amount of energy. From nuclear power many countries refuse for security reasons, and the creation of an existing a nuclear fusion facility has been under construction for many decades and is constantly being used postponed.

There is a suspicion that such an installation may not appear at all.
Therefore, a new project of an energy source that would not use fuel with finite reserves. In addition it is important from an environmental point of view

More detailed

Electric field as an energy source. 1

For rice.1 shows a conductor made of metal and its dimensions. If the conductor
if it contacts the Earth, it accepts the potential of the Earth. If it is set to
an electrically insulating base from the Ground, then, according to the law of electrostatic by induction, the negative charge field of the Earth will cause a redistribution of charges in the a metal conductor.

As a result, there will be a surplus at the upper end (uncompensated) negative charge, and at the lower end – positive excessive charge. In General, the metal conductor will remain electrically neutral, since the negative excess charge at one end is compensated
positive excess charge on the other.

Capacity of lone metallic the conductor is negligible. Small charges of opposite signs accumulated at its ends, they will create their own electric field (EPR), which will be equal to and it is opposite to the Earth’s electric field. In this case, the current through the conductor
will be omitted.

This applies to a solitary isolated conductor.

Electric field as an energy source. 2
Figure 2

Figure 2 shows a metal conductor and screen. Both are installed on the isolating device
from the Ground base. The upper and lower part of the conductor through shielded wires
connected to the load resistance located in the Faraday cage. Faraday Cage –
a device for shielding external electric fields, which isa cage made of metal. Inside the Faraday cage of external electric fields no.

For our case, this means that the electric field strength of the Earth inside the screen is zero. Since inside the screen (Faraday cell) the Earth’s field is equal to zero, and the potential difference between the upper and lower part of the conductor is transmitted inside the screen with wires, the current will flow through the load resistance rn. At the same time
the charges placed on the upper and lower parts of the conductor will decrease, which means that
the potential difference between them will also decrease.

With the outside of the screen the electric field strength of the Earth Ez will be greater than the EPR. This will lead to that the charges on the top and bottom of the conductor will start to replenish, since
the Earth’s electric field will maintain the potential difference at the ends a conductor equal to 130 volts. The process of charging the upper and lower parts of the conductor and their discharge to the load resistance will occur simultaneously.

Third-party power the separation of positive and negative charges (EMF) here is the electric field of the Earth, which transfers electrons from the bottom of the conductor to its upper part. Due to this transfer, an electric current is generated in the external circuit current that returns electrons to the lower part of the conductor. It should be noted that the electric current in the load will only occur when it is in the a Faraday cell where the Earth’s electric field is zero.

If the load is placed outside Faraday cells, then there will be no electric current, since the potential difference between the upper and lower parts of the conductor will be compensated by an electric field Lands.

Electric field as an energy source. 3
Fig 3

Figure 3 shows the equivalent circuit of the device. Electromotive force force separates charges of different signs in space. This work is performed by electric field of the Earth. Excess air is formed on the upper surface of the conductor negative charge, and on the bottom – positive. Internal resistance the EMF source is indicated by r; RSP-the resistance of the connecting wires; rn – load resistance.

The electric field strength is equal to 1V/m, if between the points located on the at a distance of 1m from each other, there is a potential difference of 1V.

One volt is equal to an electrical voltage that causes a constant current in an electrical circuit by force 1 amp at a power of 1 watt. If the current in the conductor is equal to 1 ampere, then for one a charge equal to 1 Coulomb passes through its cross-section for a second. EMF, expressed in volts, in our case is equal to 130V, since the height of the conductor is equal to 1m, and the electric field strength of the Earth is equal to 130V/m. Energetically this mode is advantageous when r + RSP = rn at the lowest possible resistance RSP. In this case, the maximum power will be allocated to the load. Conductor, shown in Fig. 1, has linear dimensions selected so that the ohmic its resistance together with RSP is equal to 1om.

Then the optimal resistance is
the load will also be equal to 1om. An electric current equal to 65A, since r + RSP + rn = 2om. Due to the smallness of the RSP resistance, it is possible to neglect. However, to do this, the connecting wires must be short and with large cross-section. Then the load resistance (rn) will be allocated power equal to 4,225 kW. Exactly the same power will be allocated to the resistance of the conductor r in the form of heat, so it is necessary to provide measures for its

To do this, you can use a water radiator with running water. Heat energy can be used for steam heating or for irrigation in agriculture. The power of the device can be scaled by selecting the height of the conductor.
For example, if the height of the conductor is not a meter, but two meters, then its ohmic
resistance, also equal to 1 ohms, the power allocated to the load will be approximately equal to 17 kW.

The same power will be released in the form of heat on conductor. Total-34 kW. The resistance of the conductor, equal to 1 ohms, is provided for by selecting the area of its cross-section through which the current flows. As a load you can use the Converter to obtain a network voltage of 220V /50 Hz. Need to
keep in mind that the load must be in the Faraday cell, and outside of it is output already
the output power of the device placed in it.

So that the conductor does not charge positively over time, which can lead to to disrupt the correct operation of the device, you need to cover the upper surface the conductor with a dielectric and provide periodic grounding of its lower part. The fact is that the upper surface of the conductor, as mentioned above, is charged negative and will attract positive ions and dipoles of water, always available in the air.

This will remove the negative charge from the upper surface charging the conductor is generally positive relative to the potential of the Earth and disrupting the proper functioning of the device. The proposed measures are fully implemented eliminate these phenomena. Physical essence of using an electric field as a source energy consists of the following.

1) If there are no charges in the space where the electric field exists, then there is no work, committed by him. The electric field acts only on charges, and its work consists in the movement of charges in space under the influence of its force.

2) in a space where there is an electric field, there are bound charges, and their strength connections are more than the force acting from the field. The field is not working again.

3) in a space where there is an electric field, there is a small amount of free charges. Then the work of the electric field to move them will also be small.

4) in a space where there is an electric field, there is a large number of free charge. Then the work of moving them will be great. This job the electric field can be used to extract energy.

Let’s compare the extraction of energy from atmospheric electricity with a project that described above. In The earth’s atmosphere at its surface, the free charges are negligible quantity, so there is no possibility of getting significant energy from the work the electric field of the Earth. In the presented project of free charge carriers (electrons in the conductor) a colossal amount (approximately 1026 for a metal conductor (fig.1)), so the work will be just as great the electric field of the Earth to move them.

To force an electric field
To work constantly, it is necessary to make it separate in space the conductor has opposite charges, and in the Faraday cell, where is the Earth’s field absent, the separated charges were reconnected on the load, releasing energy. And so ad infinitum. Therefore The earth’s electric field is the greatest gift nature to humanity. Free, eco-friendly, safe and practical unlimited power source. Humanity should learn to use it, not burn hydrocarbons. Earth’s electric field as an energy source

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