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Energy conversion

Energy conversion. Investigation of the Possibility of Transformation of Heat Environmental Energy into Electric Energy by Means of a Vortex Process Alexander V. Frolov*


The object of the study in this paper is a method of conversion of dissipated environment heat energy. We plan to calculate parameters of an energy converter, operating according to this method. The objective of the work is determination of principles of conversion of environmental heat energy mechanically, by means of compression-decompression of an elastic working body, and to design an autonomous fuel-less power source.

The methodology of the project: Considering the main, known technical solutions in this field of research, the author offers a theoretical model of the calculation of the main parameters of the process. Then design documentation can be created to produce an experimental energy converter. Testing of this experimental model will allow adjustments of the theoretical model. The result of this work should be able to be developed up to a workable concept of energy conversion, which must be proved experimentally.

There is no open information about this object of research in Russia and abroad. Some analogues are discussed in this report.

Practical development of this research is an autonomous fuel-less source of mechanical energy and propulsion force. This machine can be used as an electric power source to provide electricity power in the 10 kW to 10 MW range.

The importance of this technology for industrial needs can be evaluated by analyzing the fuel component of any industrial production process. This fuel component reduces efficiency of all kinds of transport and increases production costs of any product, including agricultural products. The proposed technical solution eliminates this costly fuel component.

At this stage (R&D), the design documentation is developed to produce an experimental device only. Development of research to a future stage will allow us to build a prototype of the power converter and organize mass production of autonomous power sources. Read all text:

Energy issue about energy conversion

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