Seifer to Time magazine: ‘Higgs field’ is ‘ether’

Marc J. Seifer, author of Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, is trying to set Time magazine straight about a few things, including the Higgs field as “ether” and Nikola Tesla’s views on it. Remy Chevalier today sent out to his email list the following letter-to-the-editors that Dr. Seifer wrote:

“You state in Hunting the Higgs, that ‘In 1964… Higgs came up with an explanation: the universe is pervaded by an invisible cosmic molasses.’ Higgs has gotten a lot of press for this, so much so that modern-day physicists have literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars looking for the Higgs boson, the ‘particle’ that gives matter its mass.”

“The Emperor’s New Clothes… all Higgs really did is re-name the ‘ether’ which, although accepted by every major physicist in the 18th century (e.g., Maxwell, Fitzgerald, Kelvin, Lorentz), now became relegated to persona non-grata when Einstein stated that light could travel as particles rather than waves in their journey, say, from the sun to the earth.”

“This has wrongly been concluded that Einstein did away with the so-called ether, but what he really did was say it was undetectable, which is a very different thing.”

“In 1934, Einstein’s adversary in this view, Nikola Tesla, revealed to Teddy Roosevelt’s grand nephew, 24-year-old Joseph Alsop, (fated to become a major journalist), one of his greatest secrets, namely that he believed that the sun was absorbing more energy than it was radiating (NY Herald, July 11, 1934).”

“Out of the hundreds of interviews Tesla gave and his numerous articles, Tesla never published his ‘dynamic theory of gravity’ which is what this was.”

“Having spent over 35 years studying Tesla’s work, I have been able to essentially piece together this hidden theory which explains what the God particle is (see my book Transcending the Speed of Light). The ether of course, exists. Just look at a picture of a galaxy and you will see that it is floating in something. You can call it the Higgs field if you want, but it is indeed the medium existing throughout all of space.”

“This ether most likely exists in a tachyonic (faster than the speed of light) realm. It oscillates at such a high frequency, that it remains undetectable by modern day methods. “

“What gravity is, according to this theory is simply the absorption of ether by elementary particles. During this process which involves particle spin, this on-going course of action is converted into electromagnetism. This simple idea explains Einstein’s 40-year quest, his dream of Grand Unification, namely the way to combine gravity (the influx of ether into matter) with electromagnetism.”

“There is no Higgs boson. It is not a particle but rather a process. Note the simple elegance to the theory.”

Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D.
author: Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla

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