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Conclusions from our experiments.

In stationary and having the same temperature bodies, gravitational interaction of the device is not detected. There is gravity and antigravity (gravitational repulsion). The process is already enough for the emergence of gravitational force. The state of rest stops the noticeable gravitational interaction. In this case, gravity attracts the body, anti-gravity on the contrary, repels.

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Gravity and antigravity depend on the mass of the bodies of the system, the speed of rotation of the bodies and its changes, as well as on the temperature difference of these bodies and media. The gravitational force calculated according to the law of gravity, for example, for an instrument and a flywheel, is 0.000 000 000 000 3 Newton (0,000 000 000 03 kgf). It is quite natural that this force is not able to move the arrow of our device. The field of the rotating flywheel, is already able to influence the arrow.

A clockwise rotation.

A clockwise rotation: gravity / antigravity

Acceleration, constant rotation-weak anti-gravity

Deceleration of rotation from 2800 rpm to 1900 rpm — very strong gravity.

Deceleration of rotation from 1900 rpm to 1400 rpm – weak anti-gravity.

Less than 1400 rpm to the stop — very weak anti-gravity.

A counterclockwise swirl.

Acceleration, constant rotation-weak gravity.

The slow rotation up to 2800 rpm. up to 2580 rpm — very strong antigravity.

Deceleration of rotation from 2580 rpm to 1900 rpm – gravity.

Less than 1900 rpm before stopping-gravity falls in proportion to the decrease in speed.

The clockwise rotation by applying a protective screen.

Set of nominal speed of rotation, the beginning of stable rotation-gravity. The continuation of rotation with constant speed is a smooth transition from gravity to anti-gravity.

Turning off the electric motor is a significant jump in anti-gravity.

Further decrease in the speed of rotation-gravity, is maintained until the flywheel stops completely. At the same time, the latency of the arrow reaction is noticeable. The arrow did not return to its original position immediately after the rotation stopped. It took her a long time.

Changing the direction of rotation or reducing the speed (deceleration) without the shield, in each specific range of speed, changes the gravitational effect in the opposite direction of each next range of the sine wave. When using the screen protector, the results were a little complicated

It is logical that it is impossible to force the flywheel to rotate by changing the location of the device arrow. But the flywheel of its rotation affects the arrow. So the rotation is the reason. The approach or removal of the arrow (as a body) under the influence of the flywheel is a consequence. Now it becomes clear cause-effect relationship in changing the distance, for example, between planets, luminaries and satellites. As well as the force of gravity and the direction of rotation of the planet Venus. But this is a topic of a separate conversation.

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The iron shield does not prevent the gravitational and anti-gravitational fields from passing through it, but changes the results of experiments with rotation. At the same time, it does not change the results of experiments with open fire. Realizing that the screen of iron is able to pass through the molecules of hydrogen and helium, becomes a natural permeability of the Aethereal field through the iron sheet, as a medium, even lighter than hydrogen and helium.

We have discovered that fire and matches, hot objects attract the arrow of the device even more of a rotating flywheel. The same mass of the flame of a small candle, a million times less than the mass of pancakes from the rod, while the massive pancakes do not have a visible interaction with the arrow of the device. But at the same time the flame of the candle very vigorously attracts the arrow.

The attraction of the arrow by the flame of a burning candle is affected not by light and infrared radiation, but by the density of the Aether flow. This becomes obvious after the device is isolated from an open fire by a sheet of iron, as well as by placing the device in a steel container, while protecting the device from light and heat radiation.

Light and heat did not pass through the protection, but the arrow was attracted to the combustion process. When conducting the experiment with the use of aluminum foil, the arrow did not react to heat, we assume that aluminum, unlike iron, does not pass the Aether flow, perhaps, simply reflects it, and it is not difficult to check.

The cooled bodies, on the contrary, intensively pushed away from themselves the arrow of the device, setting the location of the arrow 180º in the opposite direction. It also becomes clear that the mass of bodies in itself does not have sufficient gravitational properties in comparison with the gravity of any processes.

Space remembers for some time the burning process, even after the burning stops, and the removal of the burning object. In various variants of the repetition of the experience with fire, there has always been an unusual property of space to remember the point of energy release-burning, and remember for a long time. Arrow continued with increasing speed to approach the point of missing combustion. Space also remembers the effect of rotation, for example, in the experiment with rotation and a protective screen.

Light, attracts the arrow of the device. Assuming that light does not have mass, but has energy, momentum and wave nature, it can be concluded that for the emergence of gravity, mass is not the main and mandatory component of the gravitational interaction. For the emergence of gravitational interaction, it is enough to oscillate the mass on the one hand, and the energy of waves without a measurable mass, on the other.

For the emergence of a gravitational field, the same process is enough. Any process that releases or absorbs energy, the process of wave formation or wave absorption. The process of simple mixing of sugar in water demonstrates the strengthening of the gravitational field of the process. For the curious, the process of mixing different hydrocarbons with alcohols or simply with each other is indicative.

In experiments with neodymium magnets, we found that the magnetic field does not have a noticeable gravitational effect. 

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