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We found out: the Gravitational and anti gravitational interaction between the bodies of the system, varies depending on the mass of bodies, the distance between them, the difference in their temperatures, when rotated depends on the direction of the moment, the speed of rotation and changes in this speed, as well as the processes occurring within the elements of the system.

For gravitational interaction, mass and distance are not the only components of the system. It is important to absorb and release energy, any process. I will also suggest that anti-gravity is one of the consequences of gravity control.

The essence of the gravitational interaction is the effect of processes on the Aethereal component of bodies and gases, as well as on the Aethereal space between these bodies. For gravitational interaction as required fluctuations is still uncertain, us is a range of frequencies for each particular gravitational system.

The number, density and condition of the air in the bodies and environments is determined by their masses, the processes affecting them, what is happening inside these bodies and environments.

Perhaps: when energy is released, the process is consuming Aether, respectively, begins its shortage. As a result, the Aether flows from the surrounding space move in the direction of their use, thus forming a gravitational flow, which attracts the arrow of our device (for example, an experience with an open fire). In the absorption process of energy flow energy is moving towards the environment, its absorption, thus expelling the unused air. This flow pushes the arrow of the device from the process (for example, frozen water pushes the arrow of our device).

Gravity is latent, that is, the Aether, which forms the basis of gravity, changes its density not immediately after the cessation of the effects of processes, but only after some time, unlike gases and liquids. Also, the Aether has a «memory».

Thus, it can be argued that the gravitational interaction is completely controlled by the control and in addition to the law of universal gravitation, it is necessary to study Gravity in a broader sense of the word than the story about the mass of its attracted blanks. And this, in turn, opens up an immense space for research and new discoveries. Don’t say «impossible», admit it — not studied.

The experiments revealed the possibility of changing the results of the experiments by the influence of the observer’s thoughts. In view of this fact, for the reliability of the results, a video was made, with the cessation of direct observation of the view of the course of the experiments. Interesting experiments with hydrocarbons. The mixture of petroleum products, during the whole mixing process, temporarily decreases the density by tenths of a percent.

Based on the results of the density measured by the hydrometer, it can be assumed that the mass may be reduced, but the mass is the amount of substance. So essential a component of gravity puts everything in its place. At the same time, the gravitational field around the mixture increases during the process, which is revealed by our device. When the mixing process is complete, the weight returns to the previous value, the density takes the calculated figures, and the device no longer reacts to the mixture. The process of reducing the density of a substance, an element of the system, can increase the gravity of the system itself.

And yet, at the time of our experiments, we called the gravitational repulsion — anti-gravity. Let’s call a spade a spade. Most people find it difficult to recognize the possibility of anti-gravity. The concept of anti-gravity, for most implies not repulsion, and pseudo-scientific conversations in the style of fiction. (For antigravity, they only need a negative mass, which is absent in our experiments).

You can order the manufacture of the device for the study of antigravity or telekinesis. We can manufacture very sensitive device.

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