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2. Ideas of philosophers and astronomers of the Middle Ages about the universe. (II century – XVII century)

Ideas of philosophers and astronomers of the Middle Ages about the universe. (II century – XVII century) In the Middle Ages, scientists and astronomers generally adhered to the provisions developed by Aristotle and Ptolemy. The Catholic Church supported these views and officially recognized the initial views of philosophers on the foundations of the universe, adopting

3. Development of views on the Universe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the nineteenth century, mankind entered a period of active search for new technological solutions and scientific ideas. Discoveries were made in various fields of human activity: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, medicine, physiology and sociology. After long centuries of prohibition and persecution, humanity has shaken up and thrown off the shackles of prolonged stagnation and

Gravity meter Yarkovsky

Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky and his Gravity meter. In 1887, Yarkovsky put forward the “Kinetic Hypothesis of Universal Gravitation”. In his theory, he gives gravitation a purely mechanistic interpretation, assuming that the gravitational acceleration of bodies is associated with the pressure on them of chaotically moving particles of Ether. Yarkovsky represented Aether (a hypothetical medium that

Aetherfly 1917

Aetherfly 1917. The name of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the founder of modern cosmonautics, is widely known to every cultured person. Monuments have been erected to him, museums have been opened, works have been published and republished, and most importantly, spaceships fly according to the formulas he deduced a century ago. The name of Ivan Fedorovich


PHENOMENA OF BIOLOGICAL ANTIGRAVITATION NATURAL   PHENOMENA OF BIOLOGICAL ANTIGRAVITATION ASSOCIATED WITH INVISIBILITY  IN INSECTS & GREBENNIKOV’S CAVITY STRUCTURAL EFFECT (“Flight” – V chapter from the book “MY WORLD” by Viktor S. Grebennikov ) In the spring of 2001, Viktor S. Grebennikov died.The eternal memory of this uncommon scientist – naturalist will remain in our

Flying an Anti-gravitational Platform

Flying an Anti-gravitational Platform This is the sequel – the third part, the beginning is here, The second part is here (excerpts from a diary) Judge it for yourself from my diary excerpts-obviously simplified and adapted for this book. Pictures and drawings will help you to evaluate my story… A hot summer day. Far-away expanses