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How to get telekinesis?

how to get telekinesis

How to get telekinesis. First step.

How to get telekinesis. During various experiments with Kozyrev’s weights, it was noted that observation of the course of the experiment changes its results. Further experiments only by the influence of the power of thought on the arrow of the device, showed that the thought is quite material and is able to influence the arrow of the device Kozyrev.

About telekinesis.

How to get telekinesis. Many experimenters called telekinesis exposure to energy emitted from the hands. Using the remote influence of hands, fingers (to help the thought), of course, always and accurately directs the arrow to any desired position on the scale of the device. The energy of heat and life of human hands, their movement, rotation, etc., is already enough to influence the arrow of the device (on any body), and it is not telekinesis.

But this can surprise the audience.The effect is exclusively thought, can be called telekinesis, there is Absolutely no doubt that the manifestations of thought are material, and thought is a common physical phenomenon. In an untrained person, the power of thought is approximately equal to the strength of the light flux emitted by an ordinary flashlight. And in this statement, you can see for yourself. As in the fact that thought, being information and power, is able to be stored and transmitted in space, while changing the properties of objects, how to get telekinesis

The development of telekinesis at home.

To practice using the scales Kozyrev. Located at a distance of more than one meter from the device and 40 degrees from the arrow on the scale of the device. We start working with the thought. Turn the arrow mentally to yourself, using the directed gravitational field of thought. Try not to breathe in the direction of the device, the arrow reacts to heat. Help the word. It’s effective. In the first lesson, you must observe a pause between all attempts for at least 1 minute. Do not practice telekinesis more than 20 minutes in the morning, and the same in the second.

With the further development of skills, learning time does not necessarily increase. It is more important to develop the accumulation of more energy, better rest. For the duration of classes exclude external influences on the device (changes: light, heat, cold, rotation of objects). At the very beginning of telekinesis, help the power of thought by the influence of the heat of the hands with an increasing distance to the device at each, for example, the third lesson.

This helps to assert itself and significantly accelerates the development of telekinesis. In the future, being at a distance of more than two meters from the device, you will be able to act only one thought force. You can direct the power of thought through your hands. You can simply perform various actions with your hands, using the arrow keys to move the heat of the hands. From the outside it looks impressive, but it is not telekinesis.

For effects we use two ways of thought. The first is to move the thought of the arrow itself, and this is the most reliable way. The second way is to represent a hot object, a fire, a Cup of tea, which are able to attract an arrow at the point of the target. The most important thing is to train the ability to concentrate the thought.

Not being distracted by anything around and not being distracted by other thoughts in my head. If you want to move the arrow with the power of thought, then think only about it. Any doubt in your abilities, will negate all of Your effort. Learn to imagine how to see your thought, Everyone who started to practice telekinesis, always shifted the arrow of the device if not immediately, then the second lesson. The road will be overpowered by walking.

Also one extremely important and interesting feature was noticed. Long-term use of torsional weights Kozyrev to work with telekinesis, about for two weeks to a month, significantly reduces the sensitivity of the device is for telekinesis.

Replacement of the arrow and the thread of the device, returned the device to its normal operating state. Arrow, changes its essential condition in a constant state of the material, as a result of regular mental impact. It turns out that every body and environment can carry and transmit information. The thought is able to adjust the object of influence «for itself», and the object, becoming a separate part of the body loses the ability to receive exposure from the donor body.

The efficiency of the experiment is probably influenced by the polarity of the experimenter, as well as the seasons. Choose the most effective location. I placed the arrow of the device at rest to the North, he was in the North-East in the direction of the arrow. The greatest impact efficiency was in July-September.

Unusual as the reaction of the arrow to the mentally burning candle. By chance, found something that is not used for several weeks, a small wax candle, located near the device, after visualizing it burning (in few minutes), begin to pull the arrow tool, how to get telekinesis

Approximate plan of development of telekinesis.

1 week

Located at a distance not closer than one meter to the device. The angle between the arrow and the direction of view of the axis of the arrow is from 45 to 90 degrees on the scale of the device. Avoiding breathing in the direction of the device, covering his mouth with hands or gauze bandage, looking at the arrow, start mentally much proximity arrows to You. If the arrow has not moved within 1 minute, it does not matter.

Point your finger at the point next to the device at a 45-degree angle, and suggest that the arrow move to that point. Continuing to demonstrate this point, don’t stop to mentally draw the arrow. As the arrow begins to move, stop pointing your finger, and leave only one mental impact. Repeat similar activities for 3-5 minutes, with breaks for rest at least 5-10 minutes. 3-4 cycles a day in the morning, and the same in the evening. I noticed that long-term training does not bring the proper effect. Should relax and You, and the arrow itself, significantly received Your energy charge during training. how to get telekinesis

2-5 weeks

We are now located at a distance of one and a half meters to the device and a little further. The angle of view of the arrow is not changed. If the arrow starts to move after a minute mental impact, then point your finger at the target point is no longer necessary. Important! Do not engage in telekinesis, if you are hot after exercise, food, after a bath. In this case You will allocate so much energy that the arrow will quickly point to you and without mental influence.

Always exercise, being in a calm, balanced state. Do not forget – You are doing a serious business, using psychological and mental strength, and this force is not studied. As well as the consequences of its use. It’s not a dumbbell thing. Your psychological state is important here. Being in a bad emotional mood, and doing telekinesis, you wrong develop the ability, and your telekinesis will only spoil Your own life. how to get telekinesis

Second month

It’s time to change the arrow of the device. The old arrow with the thread should not be thrown away. Save it, you’ll need it in a month. Just change the arrows with a thread every month. There is a high probability that you can easily move the arrow of the device for 10 seconds of mental impact. If so, then increase the angle of view of the arrow. The distance to the device can be increased up to 3 meters.

If the arrow You don’t give in (which is unlikely), and the desire to learn is left is to replace the thread on the arrow. It is too thick and does not curl from Your impact. The thread must be so thin that a person with good vision is able to see it only in a certain light. No telekinesis unteachable people. If a person is able to think, then he has thoughts, and the materiality of thought has long been beyond doubt. It is the thought that moves the arrow of our device.

Third month and on
By this point, learning to move the arrow to an angle of more than 45-90 degrees, you can proceed to objects such as paper. Aluminum foil can also be used, but aluminum is only able to absorb thought by 50 %, unlike all other materials.

Do not forget about safety. Protect your health:

If the day was hard and you are tired, do not experiment with telekinesis. Nothing good will come of it. Just hurt yourself. how to get telekinesis

After a few months of successful, but held in a bad location telekinesis training, from your unwitting influence can often burn the light bulbs when turned on, will fail complex consumer electronics. But only in cases of strong nervous or emotional irritation. This is a normal poltergeist, and it means that you need to do your inner world, solve problems, and stop training telekinesis during nervous and psychological disorders.

A person who regularly and often watches television significantly weakens his ability to develop telekinesis. Perhaps the suppression of the ability to analyze and self-decision-making.

Telekinesis is the release of energy. Accordingly, doing telekinesis, you not only spend your energy, but also weaken your body.

All recommendations are based solely on personal observations.


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