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Light water

Light water

Light water, deuterium depleted water, DDW, litewater. There are nine types of water molecules in Nature, since three isotopes of hydrogen and three isotopes of oxygen give nine combinations. Light water is formed from the hydrogen isotope H1 and the oxygen isotope O16. Basically, these molecules form ordinary water, but it also contains other isotopes that are extremely undesirable for the normal functioning of the body.

Replacement of water in the human body occurs in the usual way, therefore, for purification and healing, it is enough just to drink clean, light water. Complete replacement occurs in 2-3 months, with a daily rate of 2 liters of water.

The simplest method for preparing it is freezing. The point is that heavy water freezes earlier than light water. This is because the kinetic energy of heavy molecules and their speed of movement is less than that of light molecules. Therefore, at the beginning of water freezing, you can throw out the first ice, about 10% of the total water volume, and then let the rest of the water freeze.

Important note: large containers of water freeze first on the periphery, and then in the central part. This is not related to the separation of water by properties, but is a feature of the temperature gradient in a large volume of water. In order to obtain the separation of water into light and heavy, it is necessary to freeze and thaw small volumes of water, for example, in the form of customary cubes for cooling drinks with a small volume.

When defrosting, light water first thaws, the molecules of which are more mobile. It must be drained without waiting for the rest of the water to completely defrost. Typically, half of the original water is drained and the remaining ice is not used.

Melt water, in this case, in addition to being light, has a memory of the crystal structure, therefore, it has additional useful properties. Water impurities play an important role in this process, so this method of separating light and heavy water works well only with distilled water.

Other methods include obtaining water from oxygen and hydrogen molecules, and centrifugal methods. In its natural form, light water is found in fruit juices.

Light water, deuterium depleted water, DDW, litewater. Health

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