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Mass and Gravity in the Universe

Mass and Gravity in the Universe before and after the birth of visible matter

Mass and Gravity in the Universe before and after the birth of visible matter
Designers have such a rule: look through time at your decisions and look at
them in a new way, and as they say, evaluate that in the dry residue.

Enough time has passed to evaluate the hypothesis: “The cold birth of the first galaxies of the Universe ”, – as well as four articles on this topic published in the journal SciTecLibrary under the aliases “Dinoel” and “AVRAM” in 2018. Indeed, I would change some of the statements, delete something, so as not to to load the main idea with secondary thoughts.

And the main idea is that the visible matter was born out of the substance of a continuous (particle less) continuous medium “empty”

Mass and Gravity in the Universe

Universe (from absolute plasma at zero degrees Kelvin) only thanks fluctuations of their internal properties – only strengthened and enriched with new conclusions. What are these properties? Question: “What do visible matter have in common in all of it? State of aggregation?

” Answer: “Viscosity, elasticity and density!” So with confidence it can be assumed that the invisible matter of the Universe also has viscosity and elasticity, and, as we will see later, a derivative of their interactions and interconversions, and namely density. We can “feel” this process.

We place the center of the substance cube in the center of the coordinate axes. In all directions in the cube will be fluctuating viscosity and elasticity forces act randomly. If along the X axis, for example, if the tensile force of viscosity acts, then perpendicular to it along the Y axis (or Z) will be compressive force of elasticity acts, and the transition from viscosity forces to elastic forces or vice versa.

All three phases of elastic-viscous forces manifest simultaneously and independently – and all just one part of an invisible substance, then there are three parts of energy per mass.

So we see that the elastic-viscous the property of the substance of the invisible universe (“dark matter”) is that we called “dark energy.” So, we have one part of matter and three parts of energy, i.e.

25% of dark matter and 75% of dark energy, which has long been recognized by astrophysicists. Energy of these three phases is the total energy of fluctuations of the elastic and viscosity forces, the product
which gives the dimension of power.

Kinematic viscosity (m ^ 2 / s) times elasticity (N / m) will give (Nm / c), and this is the dimension of power or in other words, intensity (density) of energy.

The minimum energy of the “quantum” of the fluctuation E = M.V ^ 2/2, where V is equal to the product of the oscillation amplitude and the oscillation frequency, and M = p.m ^ 3, where p – energy density (mass). The universe, of course, doesn’t care how we define them. She them enjoys – and that’s enough, but we need to use mathematical techniques.

Let us leave this to theorists.
As you can see, the density of mass in the Universe before the birth of visible matter is determined intensity (energy) of fluctuations of the internal forces of elasticity and viscosity.

Necessary emphasize that the interaction and interconversion of elasticity and viscosity creates only multidirectional pulsations of dark matter, which remains in the end motionless.

But if we make the viscosity, for example, appear continuously, and perpendicular to her elasticity, then we would get gravitational manifestation of these forces.

But in the motionless environment of the Universe, these forces are closed and in no way themselves do not show. But! Potentially, the forces of gravity are there. It is necessary, I think, to clarify the meaning of the expression “interaction and interconversion”.

Elastic forces and forces viscosities appear mutually perpendicular at the same time and with mandatory

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