(“Flight” – V chapter from the book “MY WORLD” by Viktor S. Grebennikov )

In the spring of 2001, Viktor S. Grebennikov died.
The eternal memory of this uncommon scientist – naturalist will remain in our hearts.

The below introduction is by Juri N. Cherednichenko (Laboratory of Biophysics, Scientific Research Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB Russian Ac. Med. Sci., Novosibirsk-city)

Viktor S. Grebennikov was a scientist – naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter, and, on the whole, a comprehensively educated specialist with a wide range of interests. For many scientists and others in Russia , he is well known as being the discoverer of the cavity structural effect (CSE). But that is far from being all that Grebennikov uncovered in his explorations of Nature.  Few people know that in 1988 he found anti-gravitational effects in the chitinous exoskeletons of a certain Siberian insect species.

But the most astonishing phenomenon associated with this antigravity was the partial invisibility or deformed visual perception of the material object that is located in the zone of compensated gravitation generated by these chitinous shells. Based on this discovery, and by using bionics principles, the author designed and built an anti-gravitational platform capable of practical, manned flight with speeds up to 25 km/min.  From 1991-92, Grebennikov used the device as a means of fast, personal transportation.

    It’s well known in the wide spectrum of the natural phenomenology that bio-gravitational effects are apparently found not just in this certain species of insect. For example, in numerous controlled experiments, cases have been found of material objects decreasing in weight while under directed human psycho-kinetic influence, or a yogi’s levitation while in states of deep transcendental Maharishi meditation, or even a medium’s levitation or disappearance in certain rare spiritual communication sessions.

   But it would be a mistake to think that similar opportunities are granted only to naturally gifted people. It is my belief that these phenomena are general biological laws that have been insufficiently investigated. As is known in the somnambulistic (sleepwalking) condition, the weight of a man is considerably reduced.  A somnambulist, who have a body weight up to 80 – 90 kg normally, can, during a sleep walk, can pass over thin wooden bar or tread upon another man laying in a neighboring bed without that man feeling physical pressure (and having a good fright). Now this psycho-physiological phenomenon is well known and widely described in the literature.

    However, the phenomena accompanying a man or material object’s weight change are not always present in pathological conditions. Healthy people, under conditions of acute emotional stress connected with life threatening events, or other dominant, motivating urge to achieve some vital purpose, are capable of involuntarily overcoming great obstacles, which would normally be insuperable, such as lifting huge weights, etc. This is usually explained by extreme mobilization of muscular forces, though the exact calculations cannot be correlated to the assumptions.

Apparently, the bio-gravitational mechanisms are especially advanced in some sportsmen (high jumpers, weight lifters, sprinters, and long-distance runners). The outcome of their sports achievement in many respects is (if not basically) determined by psychological training and not so much their physical status.

If the correct scientific research problem of the human weight anomalies in various psycho-physiological states was put forward, and the equipment for dynamic monitoring of weight was created, we could have quite objective information on this unusual phenomenon. The phenomenon of short-term increase of weight in biological objects (including man) which have no relation to mass is also known.

   Victor Grebennikov’s book is written in a highly artistic style and was illustrated by author himself. Its content is a peculiar “dactylogram” of a spiritual wealth system, an ecological ideology, and the author’s entomological autobiography. Many readers the book will certainly perceive no more than a popular, general conclusion of 60-year’s experience as specialist in the insect’s world of secrets, embellished by elements of science fiction.

But this conclusion is a big mistake. Being personally familiar with Grebennikov and his works, not by hearsay (we lived no more than in 10 kms from each other), I can say that I have not known a more scientifically diligent, truthful, talented, or qualified researcher and experimenter.

    Unfortunately, Grebennikov and his pioneering works are somewhat notorious in so-called Russian scientific “underground.” But these secrets, on my deep belief, should be opened to the public and should not be buried in the manuscripts just because of a scientific pragmatism that is in authority. This popular scientific book will be for these so-called scientists a work of “science fiction.” Everyone has faith in something; some just have trouble if their faith is blind. But he who has “eyes” will see. Juri N. Cherednichenko

“Flight” – Chapter V of V. S. Grebennikov’s book ” MY WORLD”:

Antigravity effects with partial invisibility,

Flying an Anti-gravitational Platform,

Anti Gravity Platform of Grebennikov

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