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Device – study of antigravity & telekinesis

study of antigravity

Device study of antigravity & telekinesis… Kozyrev’s scales

Kozyrev’s scales. Device for the study of antigravity and telekinesis. It is not difficult to make the most torsional scales of Kozyrev. I’ll tell. We will need:

1. Glass container (can be both steel), or transparent cover from cake box. I liked the device from the transparent cake lid, and on top of the plate from the old microwave in the role of a resonator (no vibration no gravity), you can do the opposite, but plastic resonates worse. I got a case with a diameter of 220 mm and a height of 95 mm.At the same time it had the highest sensitivity in comparison with other models made by me.
The weakest turned out to be from a 3 liter can with a plastic lid, or rather useless.

2. The rod from the ballpoint pen (empty), or thin sliver, straw length 60% of the inner diameter of our capacity.

3. Lead sinker (from the float rod), or lead pellets for Pneumatics, or any piece of lead.

4. Nylon thread from nylon tights.

5. Printed or hand-drawn circular protractor.
Let’s start. Take nylon thread from old tights. We pull the thread, we disassemble it to the thinnest thread, barely visible to the eye, and better invisible to the eyes, many times thinner than the hair. Its length is selected by the formula — the height of the tank from the bottom to the lid + the length of the attachment to the arrow + the length for gluing to the lid. Then most interesting. We make an arrow. An arrow of length 10 cm is optimal. Lead counterweight is fixed according to the scheme. Do 2-3 turns of thread on the arrow. Fix a tiny amount of super glue.

A large amount of glue dissolves the thread. The opposite end of the thread is fastened in any way possible to the cover of the device, for example, by winding the thread on a match, with a sticky tape to the cover. The cover is very important. The diameter of the cover should not be small. The cover should take on all the necessary vibrations, and pass them through the thread on the arrow, and the experimental body and energy on its part already affect the already activated vibrations of the arrow.

Thus, the soft cover is not very suitable, it should have the ability to resonate. Like, for example, glass. To strengthen the insulation of the device (or rather devices) from external influences, it can be placed in a suitable steel pan. It is desirable to provide a certain density of the lid to the body of the device, while not allowing full tightness.
Adjust the balance of the arrow with a lead weight, changing its weight or squeezing pliers. At the bottom lay a paper circular protractor. Collect the device. Give him a day to take the working length of the thread. And while the thread is hanging, you can already start to experiment. device for the study of antigravity and telekinesis. Control gravity as you want, learn telekinesis! It’s simple.

The device (device) is very difficult to set to «0». He is constantly acting external forces, gradually changing the direction of the arrow. To conduct experiments, it is desirable to create constant lighting, the absence of external thermal and other energy effects and rotating objects. The arrow itself is activated in the operation of the oscillations of different frequencies. And already activated, begins to respond to various effects of energy bodies and environments. 

Kozyrev’s scales video

device for the study of antigravity and telekinesis. Control gravity as you want, learn telekinesis! It’s simple. Kozyrev’s scales

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