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The SECRET of eternal youth

The SECRET of eternal youth

The SECRET of eternal youth was revealed to Radik Bogdanov, a resident of the Bashkir village of Yazykovo, in a dream.

A huge ball, with another one inside. The vision was blurry, but he woke up knowing exactly how to make a “rejuvenation capsule”.

Rejuvenation capsule

Rejuvenation capsule
It will consist of two balls inserted one into the other.

The outer one, with a diameter of 30 meters, consists of cells like a wasp’s comb.

The inner one is eight meters in diameter.

The resonance between the surfaces will create energy in the inner sphere that can work wonders: heal the human body, remove hereditary diseases (they are, according to Bogdanov, nothing more than generic curses of the family). To develop a “live” water… The SECRET of eternal youth

In the half-meter model of the capsule made of cardboard and epoxy built by Radik, strange things began to happen: next to the ball, a person becomes sleepy, begins to lay his ears, throws a fever. And after a few days sleep and General well-being improve…

Bogdanov also noticed that when he was in a good mood, the balloon suspended from the ceiling rotated clockwise. And if you get mad at someone, the rotation goes counterclockwise.

Moreover, when Bogdanov showed the model to Moscow defense scientists, they confirmed that some kind of energy was actually being generated inside the sphere.

Rejuvenation capsule

Inside the model, scientists placed a flask with a saturated solution of table salt, which (as a dye) added a few grains of potassium permanganate. The crystals of potassium permanganate immediately got together in a small ball! As soon as the flask with the solution was removed, the potassium permanganate was again dissolved in water! What energy made the manganese structure?

Scientists can’t give an answer to this question yet, except to say that the idea requires serious calculations, design studies and experiments.

Everything brilliant is simple!

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