Nikola Tesla about the world Aether

Tesla about the world Aether. There is a lot of talk now about Einstein’s theory. This young man proves that there is no Aether, and many agree with him. But, in my opinion, this is a mistake. The opponents of Aether, as evidence, refer to the Michelson-Morley experiments, which tried to detect the movement of the Earth relative to the stationary Aether. Their experiments ended in failure, but this does not mean that there is no Aether. In my works, I have always relied on the existence of a mechanical Aether and therefore have achieved certain success.

What is Aether, and why is it so difficult to detect? I thought about this question for a long time and here are the conclusions I came to. It is known that the denser the substance, the higher the speed of propagation of various waves in it. Comparing the speed of sound in air with the speed of light, I came to the conclusion that the density of the Aether is several thousand times greater than the density of air.

But the Aether is electrically neutral, and therefore it interacts very weakly with our material world, moreover, the density of the substance of the material world is negligible in comparison with the density of the Aether. It is not the Aether that is incorporeal – it is our material world that is incorporeal for the Aether.

Despite the weak interaction, we still feel the presence of the Aether. An example of such an interaction is manifested in gravity, as well as with a sharp acceleration or deceleration. I think that the stars, planets and our entire world arose from the Aether, when, for some reason, part of it became less dense.

This can be compared to the formation of air bubbles in water, although this comparison is very approximate. Compressing our world from all sides, the Aether tries to return to its original state, and the internal electric charge in the substance of the material world prevents this. Over time, having lost its internal electrical charge, our world will be compressed by Aether and will itself turn into Aether. He went off the air – on the air and will go away.

Each material body, be it the Sun or the smallest particle, is an area of ​​reduced pressure in the Aether. Therefore, around material bodies, the Aether cannot remain in a motionless state. Based on this, one can explain why the Michelson-Morley experiment ended unsuccessfully.

World Aether concept

Why did the Michelson-Morley experiment to detect the “Aether wind” show zero result?

To understand this, let’s transfer the experiment to the aquatic environment. Imagine that your boat is spinning in a huge whirlpool. Try to detect the movement of water in relation to the boat. You will not detect any movement, as the boat’s speed will be equal to the speed of the water. Replacing the boat with the Earth in your imagination, and the whirlpool with an Aethereal tornado that revolves around the Sun, you will understand why the Michelson-Morley experiment ended unsuccessfully

In my research, I always adhere to the principle that all phenomena in nature, in whatever physical environment they occur, always manifest themselves in the same way. Waves are in the water, in the air, and radio waves and light are waves in the air. Einstein’s assertion that there is no Aether is erroneous. It is difficult to imagine that there are radio waves, but there is no Aether – the physical medium that carries these waves. Einstein tries to explain the motion of light in the absence of aether with Planck’s quantum hypothesis. I wonder how Einstein, without the existence of Aether, can explain ball lightning? Einstein says – there is no Aether, but he actually proves its existence.

Take, for example, the speed of propagation of light. Einstein declares – the speed of light does not depend on the speed of movement of the light source. And it is right. But this rule can exist only when the light source is in a certain physical environment – Aether, which by its properties limits the speed of light. The substance of the Aether limits the speed of light in the same way that the substance of air limits the speed of sound. If there was no Aether, then the speed of light would strongly depend on the speed of movement of the light source.

Having understood what the Aether is, I began to draw analogies between the phenomena in water, in the air and in the Aether. And then an incident happened that helped me a lot in my research. Once I watched a sailor smoke a pipe. He blew smoke out of his mouth in small rings. The rings of tobacco smoke flew quite a considerable distance before collapsing. Then I conducted a study of this phenomenon in water.

Taking a metal can, I cut a small hole on one side, and pulled a thin leather on the other side. After pouring some ink into the jar, I dipped it into the pool of water. When I sharply hit my skin with my fingers, ink rings flew out of the can, which crossed the entire pool and, colliding with its wall, collapsed, causing significant fluctuations in the water near the pool wall. At the same time, the water in the pool remained completely calm.

  • Yes, this is the transfer of energy … – I exclaimed.

It was like an inspiration – I suddenly realized what ball lightning is and how to transmit energy wirelessly, over long distances.

Based on this research, I created a generator that generated Aetheric vortex rings, which I called Aetheric vortex objects. This was a victory. I was in euphoria. It seemed to me that I could do anything. I promised a lot of things without fully investigating this phenomenon, and for this I paid dearly. They stopped giving me money for my research, and the worst thing – they stopped believing me. Euphoria gave way to deep depression. And then I decided on my crazy experiment.

The mystery of my invention will die with me
After my failures, I became more restrained in promises. Working with Aethereal vortex objects, I realized that they do not behave exactly as I thought before. It turned out that when vortex objects passed near metal objects, they lost their energy and collapsed, sometimes with an explosion. The deep layers of the Earth absorbed their energy as strongly as the metal. Therefore, I could only transmit energy over short distances.

Then I turned my attention to the moon. If you send Aethereal vortex objects to the Moon, they, being reflected from its electrostatic field, will return back to the Earth at a considerable distance from the transmitter. Since the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, energy can be transmitted over very long distances, even to the other side of the Earth.

I have carried out several experiments, transferring energy towards the moon. In the course of these experiments, it turned out that the Earth is surrounded by an electric field. This field destroyed weak vortex objects. Aetheric vortex objects, possessing great energy, broke through the electric field of the Earth and went into interplanetary space. And then the thought occurred to me that if I can create a resonant system between the Earth and the Moon, then the transmitter power can be very small, and the energy from this system can be extracted very large.

After calculating how much energy can be extracted, I was surprised. From the calculation it followed that the energy extracted from this system is sufficient to completely destroy a large city. Then I realized for the first time that my system could be dangerous for humanity. Still, I really wanted to conduct my own experiment. Unbeknownst to others, I began a thorough preparation of my insane experiment.

First of all, I had to choose a place for the experiment. The Arctic was best suited for this. There were no people there, and I wouldn’t hurt anyone. But the calculation showed that at the current position of the Moon, an Aethereal vortex object can hit Siberia, and people could live there. I went to the library and began to study information about Siberia. There was little information, but still I realized that there are almost no people in Siberia.

I had to keep my experiment in deep secrecy, otherwise the consequences for me and for all mankind could be very unpleasant. One question always torments me – will my discoveries be for the good of people? After all, it has long been known that people used all inventions to exterminate their own kind.

It helped a lot to keep my secret that much of the equipment in my laboratory had been dismantled by that time. However, I was able to save what I needed for the experiment. From this equipment, I single-handedly assembled a new transmitter and connected it to the emitter. Experimenting with that amount of energy could be very dangerous. If I am wrong in my calculations, then the energy of the Aetheric vortex object will hit in the opposite direction. Therefore, I was not in the laboratory, but two miles from it. The work of my installation was controlled by a clockwork.

The principle of the experiment was very simple. In order to better understand it, you must first understand what an Aethereal vortex object and ball lightning are. Basically, they are the same thing. The only difference is that ball lightning is an Aethereal vortex object that is visible. The visibility of ball lightning is provided by a large electrostatic charge. This can be compared to the ink tint of the water vortex rings in my swimming pool experiment. Passing through the electrostatic field, the Aethereal vortex object captures charged particles in it, which cause the glow of ball lightning.

To create a resonant system Earth – Moon, it was necessary to create a large concentration of charged particles between the Earth and the Moon. For this I used the property of Aethereal vortex objects to capture and transfer charged particles. Aetheric vortex objects were emitted by the generator towards the Moon. They, passing through the electric field of the Earth, captured charged particles in it. Since the electrostatic field of the Moon has the same polarity as the electric field of the Earth, Aethereal vortex objects were reflected from it and again went to the Earth, but at a different angle.

Returning to the Earth, the Aethereal vortex objects were again reflected by the Earth’s electric field back to the Moon, and so on. Thus, charged particles were pumped into the resonance system Earth – Moon – Earth’s electric field. When the required concentration of charged particles was reached in the resonant system, it was self-excited at its resonant frequency. The energy, amplified a million times by the resonant properties of the system, in the electric field of the Earth was transformed into an Aethereal vortex object of colossal power. But these were only my assumptions, and how it would actually be I did not know.

I remember the day of the experiment very well. The estimated time was approaching. The minutes passed very slowly and seemed like years. I thought I would go crazy with this expectation. Finally, the estimated time came and … nothing happened! Another five minutes passed, but nothing unusual happened. Various thoughts entered my head: maybe the clockwork didn’t work, or the system didn’t work, or maybe nothing should happen.

I was on the verge of insanity. And suddenly … It seemed to me that the light faded for a moment, and a strange sensation appeared in my whole body – as if thousands of needles had been stuck into me. It was over soon, but there was an unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth. All my muscles relaxed and my head was buzzing. I felt completely overwhelmed.

When I returned to my laboratory, I found it almost intact, only there was a strong smell of burning in the air … I was again possessed by an agonizing expectation, because I did not know the results of my experiment. And only later, after reading about unusual phenomena in the newspapers, I realized what a terrible weapon I had created. I, of course, expected that there would be a violent explosion. But it wasn’t even an explosion – it was a disaster!

After this experiment, I firmly decided that the secret of my invention will die with me. Of course, I realized that someone else could easily repeat this crazy experiment. But for this it was necessary to recognize the existence of the Aether, and our scientific world, more and more drifted away from the truth.

I am even grateful to Einstein and others for the fact that with their erroneous theories they led humanity away from this dangerous path along which I was walking. And maybe this is their main merit. Maybe in a hundred years, when the mind of people prevails over animal instincts, my invention will benefit people.

Flying machine

While working with my generator, I noticed one strange phenomenon. When it was turned on, a breeze was clearly felt blowing towards the generator. At first I thought it was due to electrostatics. Then I decided to check it out. Rolling several newspapers together, I lit and immediately extinguished them. Thick smoke poured from the newspapers. With these smoking newspapers, I walked around the generator. From any point in the laboratory, smoke went to the generator and, rising above it, went up, like into a chimney. When the generator was turned off, this phenomenon was not observed.

Having considered this phenomenon, I came to the conclusion – my generator, acting on the Aether, reduces the force of gravity! To verify this, I built a large scale. One side of the balance was located above the generator. To exclude the electromagnetic influence of the generator, the scales were made of well-dried wood. Having carefully balanced the scales, I turned on the generator with great excitement. The side of the balance, which was located above the generator, quickly went up. I automatically turned off the generator. The scales went down and began to oscillate until they came into balance.

It was like a trick. I loaded the scales with ballast and, by changing the power and operating mode of the generator, I achieved their balance. After these experiments, I decided to build a flying machine that could fly not only in the air, but also in space.

The principle of operation of this machine is as follows: a generator installed on the flying machine removes Aether in the direction of its flight. Since the Aether continues to press with the same force from all other sides, the flying machine will begin to move. Being in such a car, you will not feel acceleration, since the Aether will not interfere with your movement.

Unfortunately, I had to abandon the creation of a flying machine. This happened for two reasons. First, I have no money to carry out these works secretly. But most importantly, a big war has begun in Europe, and I don’t want my inventions to be killed! When will these madmen stop?

Presumably N. Tesla

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