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Hi. Today I would like to talk about a device for remote transfer of information. The device was patented MNYIKA them. academician V. p. Kaznacheyev, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok. Let’s try to understand the essence of the information transfer process.

The device is simple, but ingeniously competent. The helium neon laser emits a spiral light flux inside the light guide. Inside the spiral of the light guide is a medicine-insulin. Under the device there is a living person diabetic having the need to get insulin. Turn on the device. Constantly monitor the level of sugar in the blood of the test subject. The body receives this medicine remotely (!), as evidenced by the parameters of his blood. At the same time, the drug is always inside the device. Thus, a single dose of the drug can provide thousands of patients that do not like pharmaceutical corporations.

It is known that the light flux twisted in a spiral and located in the light guide is able to carry any information in the direction opposite to the direction of the light flux. In the device proposed MNYIKA, stream twisted. The direction of flow is not specified in the patent, but it is known that the device operates in the direction of the light guide spiral both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Transfer of information 1

We recall the experiments with the Torsional weights Kozyrev: the direction of rotation should change the direction of the flow of information, but only at a certain flow rate. It turns out that at a flow rate equal to the speed of light, the direction of rotation does not matter.

Send information

Develop the idea further. Information tends towards the light source. That is, in the direction of the energy source, and in the direction of absorption of Ether. That is, theoretically, any light flux will direct any information located throughout this flow in the direction of the area near the light source. Thus, to obtain information, you need a sufficiently powerful flow of light directed to the desired source of information.

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Obtaining information

The fact that a person is able to instantly receive and transmit information, many of us have seen repeatedly. Moreover. you can get information about an event long before the event occurs. Otherwise, how do we know, we see in detail the reality that should happen in the near future. I personally know several such people, and we often use this opportunity.
The question arises. If the mental information between people at any distance is transmitted instantly, the speed of information transfer using the light flux should be equal to the speed of light. That is, light, directing the flow of information, slows down the speed of its transmission, but concentrates it around itself? And thus, enhances the effect of information transfer?

Transfer of information 3
Information transfer


We’re way off topic The transfer of information is not only the transfer of thought. This is also the transfer of the properties of the material body at a distance. If the device of MNIIKA able to physically organize the interaction between physical bodies using directed flow of Air, it becomes evident the ability of the Ether to obtain the properties of the material, to transfer them in the form of information, and to materialize the information back to the properties! Fantastic reality.
Here, without Your help, can not do. Please add your opinion. You can simply rewrite this article as you see fit. Of course, without experimentation we do not understand. We spend ours, You’re yours. We compare the results and publish them here. OK?

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