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Wilhelm Reich.

Wilhelm Reich1

In the middle Thirties Dr. Reich began noticing an lively association that’s shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich referred to as this energy “orgone” and worked for many years demonstrating its laws and learning its varied manifestations.

His work encompassed forty years at intervals six countries, however within the finish he suffered the insult of seeing his life’s work illegal in America and loads of his books and journals burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration per official decree.

Wilhelm Reich

It was a brazen act of censorship that’s unnoticed these days at intervals the texts of history.

Prior to his orgonomic analysis, Dr. Reich had attained a global name as a someone of integrity. Once, once he had incontestible orgone energy to Einstein, the far-famed scientist exclaimed that “this would be a bombshell to physics”.

Dr. Reich spent his last days in jail incorrectly labelled a quack and a racketeer by the yankee government and therefore the yankee medical system.

Wilhelm Reich was born in Austria in 1897 because the son of a rather affluent farmer and, as was common at that point, he was home tutored, 1st by his mother and later by variety of tutors. He excelled in his studies thanks to his intelligence and additionally, in part, out of concern of his father’s atrocious temper that might erupt over one thing as trivial as Associate in Nursing incorrect answer in his studies.

Reich’s family was tragically dysfunctional and, at age 13, his mother poisoned herself to escape the abuse of Reich’s violently-tempered father. Four years later, Reich’s father died of pneumonia—a financially poverty-stricken and lonely man. Reich, at 17, ran the farm himself for a brief time once his father’s death, however the property was destroyed by warfare I in 1915.

After serving within the Austrian army on the Italian front, Reich began attending categories at the University of Austrian capital and graduated in 1922 as a doctor of drugs.
While learning for his degree, Reich became a receiver of Dr. neurologist, and shortly once graduating became the clinical assistant at Freud’s psychoanalytic Clinic wherever he, himself, became a pioneer in depth psychology.

In his book Character Analysis (1933), Dr. Reich elaborated a biological basis for psychological disorder and provided a step toward the invention of the cosmic orgone energy. throughout the years 1936-1939, Dr. Reich conducted experiments regarding the concept of mobile infection. He showed that microorganisms type themselves from inorganic material and disintegrating organic substances. He evidenced wherever mobile germs came from and incontestible the absurdity of the normally control “air germ” theory. it absolutely was throughout these experiments in 1939 that Dr. Reich accidentally discovered radiation particles that he later named orgone.

An assistant had erroneously taken the incorrect instrumentation from the vessel and heated the substance at intervals it to incandescence. The substance was common ocean sand and, once civilized Associate in Nursingd inoculated on an egg and agar medium, yielded a yellow growth. once viewed underneath high magnification this growth was seen as vesicles (he referred to as them SAPA bions) that glimmered Associate in Nursing intense blue color that, in time, would grow and so move regarding.

As he continuing to experiment with these “bions” he detected that, once he placed live cancer cells next to them, the cells would die. it absolutely was throughout days of perceptive these phenomena that Dr. Reich fell with Associate in Nursing extreme case of pinkeye, and his eyes became terribly sensitive to light-weight. He detected that it affected his eyes the foremost once he was observing these vesicles through his magnifier.

During the course of this work, within the winter of 1939, Dr. Reich additionally detected that he had developed a suntan underneath his article of clothing. He reasoned he was being exposed to some variety of radiation, and it greatly troubled him. He used a metal measuring device to check the culture tubes, and it gave no reaction. It took some weeks for him to comprehend that this recently detected radiation (that he had named “orgone”) was gift all over.

Taking his SAPA bions into the darkness of his basement and expecting 2 hours, he detected that his hair and article of clothing emitted a blue glimmer, and therefore the space was full of a hazy, slow, gray-blue vapor.

Over time, Dr. Reich incontestible that the orgone radiation was the identical energy that the Sun gave off which the incandescing and swelling of the sand had discharged this energy once more from its material state. He was forced to the current conclusion by the facts before him, however he admitted having to beat nice emotional reluctance in doing thus.

Further experiments showed that this present orgone would be repelled by metal objects and absorbed by organic material. By creating a box with alternate layers of organic material (wool) and metal, Reich found that he may accumulate a additional focused field of orgone. He referred to as these boxes “orgone accumulators” and that they compete a serious role in his experimentation with orgone.

Nearly fifteen years later, the yankee government created an effort to wipe the terribly word “orgone” from country vocabulary, by forbidding the accumulator and destroying Dr. Reich’s books and journals.

Dr. Reich was able to watch orgone within the varied forms it might tackle at intervals Associate in Nursing accumulator. The forms were:

bluish-gray fog-like formation,

deeply blue-violet lucent dots

whitish fast rays

He was additionally able to demonstrate Associate in Nursingd live orgone with a measuring system and an measuring device, still like a Geiger-Muller counter.

Dr. Reich underneath arrest

[Editors note: These terribly sensitive however very totally different devices—and alternative instruments, if they’d been accessible at the time—all answer this energy as a result of it interacts with the terribly SUB-STRUCTURE of the physical matter out of that all the various instruments are essentially created.

For example, it is not that the orgone is radioactive; however within the case of the Hans Geiger counter’s REACTION to Associate in Nursing orgone concentration, it should appear that approach. surely, the concentration of orgone doubtless changes the properties of the gas within the Hans Geiger counter’s high-voltage tube, inflicting the gas to behave otherwise (like ice behaves differently than water or steam), and so the Geiger-Muller counter acts AS IF one thing radioactive were gift.

This is a typical drawback (and usually unnoticed consideration) once analyzing experiments that involve psychic energies like parapsychology. Did the psychic’s mind influence, say, the particular measuring system that is buried fifty feet below the ground (as is commonly claimed), OR influence the electronic equipment sitting right before of the experimenter that converts the thermometer’s signal to scan on a chart recorder?]

What surprised Dr. Reich was the actual fact that, for over 2 thousand years, the presence of this orgone energy was unnoticed or argued away whenever a scholar tried to explain what he saw. What Dr. Reich discovered is nothing in need of the energy accountable for the biological pulsation of life on Earth (and presumably the universe).

Rather than clutch Dr. Reich’s discoveries, the collective (politically motivated) scientific community responded with levels of anger and derision that bordered on hatred; instead of conducting investigations of their own and furthering the information of orgone energy for the betterment of man, the (politically motivated) scientific community semiconductor diode the charge to destroy any documents that even mention the word “orgone”.

And then the (politically motivated) scientific community destroyed Dr. Reich.

[Editor’s note: In our times, the primary line of defense is to dam publication of the “politically incorrect” discovery within the scientific literature, and so terminate the researcher’s money lifeline whereas trying to malign skilled reputation—as I (E.Y.) wrote regarding within the page-3 editorial. that is however the faith of science is unbroken “pure ” these days!]

Though a meticulous scientist and prolific scientist, Dr. Reich saw himself as solely a pioneer within the field of orgonomy (the science of orgone) and likened himself to Cristoforo Colombo. In his book Ether, God, and therefore the Devil (1950 and 1951), he same that, as Columbus failed to discover big apple town or the resources on the geographical region of America, however rather a stretch of seacoast that was up thereto time unknown to Europeans, thus he solely discovered the orgone energy.

This development, being the common etheric energetic thread hunting through all life forms, represents a universe of discovery of that Dr. Reich placed only 1 tiny boundary.

The object of the (politically motivated) scientific community’s opposition of Dr. Reich’s work was his “orgone accumulator”. The orgone accumulator, a “box” massive enough for someone to take a seat in and created of alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances, was accustomed with success treat his patients for varied maladies.

In his book Cancer Biopathy (1948), Dr. Reich recreates his rigorously documented work concerning the treatment of many cancer patients deemed hopeless and terminal by orthodox medication. many of his cancer patients were “cured” however, being the careful man of science he was, Dr. Reich was careful to not declare orgone treatment as a cure for cancer.

After a drawn-out harassment campaign by the bureau over the medical use of orgone, that began within the middle Nineteen Forties, Dr. Reich died in jail in 1957.

[Editor’s note: Appreciate that the medical mafia had simply gotten Rife just about in check by the mid-1940s, and so on comes Reich’s threat to the dominant empire. Their own savagely aggressive posture signally gave away however vital Reich’s work really was recognized to be by people who truly understood it!]

All of his books and papers were, by federal decree, burned, up through 1962, and will have continuing on a lesser scale till 1970. the govt. of the us had declared that orgone failed to exist and orgone was the sole word that was necessary to look in print to qualify the fabric as ought to have destruction.

During the course of his varied orgone experiments, Dr. Reich touched upon several aspects of science. Among these, the disciplines of drugs, physics, cosmology, and meteorology. He discovered atmospherical orgone and detected that, within the presence of pollutants of varied sorts, as well as magnetic force emissions, the orgone would become stagnant and cause unhealthiness and environmental injury.

Dr. Reich referred to as this “stagnant” orgone, “dead” orgone or “DOR”. the results of DOR would usually be that of drought and therefore the formation of deserts.

To counter the results of DOR, Dr. Reich supplementary long pipes to Associate in Nursing orgone accumulator box and pointed it skyward to assist balance the atmospherical orgone and produce rain. He referred to as this device a “cloud buster”. (image right)

In one experiment beginning in Oct, 1954, Dr. Reich was prospering in transportation rain to the desert around metropolis, Arizona. Even before the rain fell, the newly-balanced orgone had caused the grass to grow a foot tall within the desert. This inexperienced spectacle stretched some forty to eighty miles to the east and north of that town. It took tremendous talent to use the cloud buster as a result of it player the dead orgone into the device and will create serious health issues to each the operator and therefore the atmosphere itself.

The ability to soundly use the cloud buster died with Dr. Reich and remained buried for 0.5 a century.

Science, smart or dangerous, traditionally moves forward of its own inertia; a someone dies, another someone picks up his notes and continues wherever he left off. Not thus with orgonomy. It wasn’t till virtually fifty years once the (politically motivated) scientific community sentenced Dr. Reich to death and erased the memory of his work from history that a replacement and improved cloud buster would be developed.

Self-taught bioelectric pioneer Don farm has recently developed a contemporary cloud buster he claims is safe for each the operator and therefore the atmosphere.

Dr. Reich touched upon many aspects of the cosmic orgone energy and knew that it might take many of us to develop the various potentials of its nature. In 1948 a detailed friend of Dr. Reich, by the name of A.S. Neill, stopped by Reich’s laboratory, referred to as Orgonon, within the state of Maine.

He saw alittle motor turning over that was hooked up to Associate in Nursing orgone accumulator.

Patient victimization “orgone accumulator” box

He same that Reich cried out with nice joy:

“The power of the future!”

When later asked if he had developed that power supply from now on, Reich is according to own same that his job was one in all discovery and he was visiting leave it to others to hold out the results.

Note from Don Harkins

Editor of The American state Observer:

The American state Observer understands the controversial nature of orgone energy. although one cannot see or smell it, sensitive instrumentation will live it. Therefore, it exists—regardless that the bureau determined [actually simply pronounced, sort of a decree] it failed to exist in 1954.

Our modern contestation, therefore, has nothing to try and do with whether or not or not orgone energy exists, as a result of the federal government’s non-scientific wishing-it-away does not build it thus. The contestation is that the trendy diversifications of orgonomy and claims by a growing circle of individuals World Health Organization believe that Reich’s work provided a foundation for positive changes in our embattled world.

One needs to surprise if people who worship the “DOR” and enjoy its ability to cause misery recognized Reich’s discoveries as a right away threat to their globalist intentions. Is that recognition the ability behind the campaign to ruin the person and erase the memory of his orgonomic analysis from history?

The answer becomes obvious after you place into perspective what the govt. did to Reich. It killed him at the age of sixty for continued to analysis, while not bureau approval, one thing it claims doesn’t exist. once asked to prove orgone energy doesn’t exist, it refused to produce the science that supports its claims or the identity of these World Health Organization conducted the experiments and reached that conclusion.

Those who have ever taken a high school-level form perceive the methodology and might verify that Dr. Reich was sent to his death by a government that unheeded science to create a political purpose for all people who might need to explore orgone energy: don’t.

Most American state Observer readers perceive energy—that smart energy that produces delicacies (like sunshine, positive thoughts, healthy food, and healthy bodies) occupies higher undulation frequency ranges, and dangerous energy that produces bad things (like rot, disease, unhealthy food, and negative thoughts) occupy lower undulation frequency ranges.

It follows, therefore, that a world saturated in low-frequency vibrations can manufacture a world full of anger, hostility, disease, and death.

What reasonably world can we sleep in now?

Ah, success.

Because the U.S. government has managed to stay low, through a range of socio/political maneuvers, the undulation frequencies at intervals that Americans operate, our folks are sick, angry, frightened, and living in chaos—the atmosphere most tributary to totalitarian management.

Dr. Reich’s work elicited the wrath of the baby totalitarian state. It killed him to send a message to scientists that orgone energy is off limits for additional study. within the absence of scientists developing helpful applications for orgone energy, the totalitarian state has return old.

Now it seems we’ve got nothing left to lose. The pretense of freedom is gone. All that is still is that the illusion of freedom being unbroken alive within the minds of dwindling numbers of american citizens.

As the totalitarian police-state emerges, its emissions of dead, stagnant energy from exponentially-increasing sources (both organic and inorganic) is additionally increasing. Rising to the challenge are teams of individuals World Health Organization have picked up Dr. Reich’s work and are running with it.

Next month we are going to continue this story [in the American state Observer newspaper] with the adventures of these World Health Organization claim to be victimization orgone energy to switch dangerous energy with smart.

A small candle, when lit, can, all by itself, overcome darkness, wherever the identical quantity of darkness cannot equally have an effect on light-weight. the identical is true once it involves smart and dangerous energy. that is why dangerous energy should have outside facilitate from government and its dishonorable minions to prevail.

Those who have chosen to expand upon Reich’s work believe they’ll encourage a candid, if not sceptical world, that the subsequent ills is corrected by the right application of techniques that harness orgone energy. They believe their ability to prove however properly directed orgone energy can neutralize bad-energy emissions from cell towers, chemtrails, and angry folks.

Patient using “orgone accumulator” box

They additionally believe they’ll reproduce Dr. Reich’s experiments and produce rain to drought-ridden areas.

Can they direct orgone energy to accomplish these things? my very own personal skepticism has been extreme for several months. However, some things have happened to cause my skepticism to waver and my hope begin to grow.

Besides, we have not abundant else to lose.

Wouldn’t it’s marvelous if one thing as easy as overcoming dangerous energy with smart is that the cure for all the evil that has thus saturated our trendy world?

Isn’t it additionally rather like God to line things up to be so easy even His human kids will do it?

Whatever Happened To William Washington?
by Don Harkins

As Dr. Reich indicated, he solely discovered the boundary of what could lead on to a universe of potential applications for orgone energy. although we tend to could ne’er apprehend that potential application caused the centralized to sentence Dr. Reich to death and zealously search out and destroy all references to his work, a clue could also be found within the mysterious Fall of 1948 disappearance of William Washington. Reich writer and Harvard graduate Myron Sharaf (Fury On Earth: A story Of Reich, 1983), claims to own met “Bill” at the University of Chicago once they were each freshmen in 1944.

Sharaf explains that Bill began operating with Dr. Reich within the summer of 1947 to assist him with the arithmetic of developing Associate in Nursing orgone energy motor.

“When he left Orgonon in Fall, 1948, he took the motor set-up with him so as to figure on additional refinements. He was imagined to come to Orgonon in early Summer, 1949, however he failed to seem, nor was there any word from him” wrote Sharaf.

Sharaf and Dr. Reich confirmed a number of the stories Bill had told them regarding his past and former employment.

“None of those stories evidenced true” Sharaf noted.

Dr. Reich was able to speak to Bill on the phone once in late Summer, 1949. Reich, a long student of the human mind, deduced that Bill was hesitant in his speech as a result of he was being monitored by some outside force, in all probability the centralized, a conclusion not shared by Sharaf.

“Washington was ne’er detected from again” wrote Sharaf.

Ola Raknes, Ph.D., had determined the orgone-force motor in action and saw that the speculation was valid. sadly, no additional analysis into this space was conducted once Bill left Orgonon.

“This would be an especially vital space of orgone energy research” Raknes determined in 1970.

The following is from the book

Wilhelm Reich And Orgonomy – the good man of science And His controversial Theory Of Life Energy

by olla Raknes, Ph.D

of Norway, 1970:

What Is Orgone Energy?

Dr. Reich was 1st a receiver and so a up to date of neurologist. most of the people associate Freud together with his belief that the manifestations of being human are directly associated with sexual repression or expression.

As Dr. Reich’s work began propulsion faraway from that of Freud, he became intrigued with characteristic the precise sort of energy that created sexual expression attainable.

He discovered that the formula of perform that semiconductor diode to Associate in Nursing climax was the common formula of function for all biological processes altogether living matter:

tension > charge > discharge > relaxation.

Dr. Reich isolated the particle accountable for this formula and named it “bion”. He was additionally able to culture bions from inorganic matter and, quite accidentally, solved the riddle of biogenesis: He discovered the mechanism whereby lifeless substances transition to living matter.

He later named the energy that resulted from bionic activity “orgone”. It’s properties is summarized as follows:

Organic substances attract and absorb orgone energy.

Metalic substances attract and repel or replicate orgone energy.

Stopage of orgone energy by any metalic obstacle, still as by a sensitive living organism, can end in an increase in temperature.

Final Comments

by Don Harkins

(Editor, The American state Observer)

We should begin construction of the depository of Federally-Buried Technologies thus we will dream regarding what the planet would be like if problem-solving intelligence was celebrated rather than persecuted.

Did the bureau ban evil’s cure in 1957?

Dr. Reich, MD, died at the age of sixty once serving eight months of a 2 year jail sentence. Since his death, tremendous energy has been spent to erase his memory from history.

One should ask: “Why?”

The following paragraph, taken from the book Reich And Orgonomy, by olla Raknes, Ph.D, sets the stage for respondent that question:

“The existence of such energy remains contested—or a minimum of neglected—by much all scientists World Health Organization haven’t themselves created the observations and experiments, and had the experiences, that type the premise of the invention. Associate in Nursing yankee court has even, in March, 1954, during a Decree of Injunction, declared Orgone Energy to be nonexistent, without, however, giving the facts on that the Injunction is claimed to be based mostly.

In a correspondence with the current author [Raknes] the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on whose criticism the Injunction was settled, same that experiments dead with the foremost trendy instrumentation and strategies by practised scientists had evidenced the nonbeing of orgone energy.

None of those experiments has ever been printed, and in additional correspondence, the bureau refused to disclose the names of these scientists or any of the experiments on that the criticism was same to be based mostly. As Dr. Reich failed to adjust the injunction, he was arraigned for contempt of court and sentenced to 2 years within the penitentiary.

He died in jail once approximately eight months.”

Dr. Reich, a world-renowned man of science and protégé/contemporary of neurologist, was sent to jail at age sixty to die as a result of he insisted upon continued his analysis into orgone energy—in defiance of a federal injunction that resulted from the FDA’s apparently unscientific opinion that orgone energy failed to exist.

All Reich’s books were illegal, and people that were found were burned by the bureau. Any written matter that contained the word “orgone” was subject to the ban and burning by the bureau per the injunction. The injunction was still holding in 1970.

The question currently becomes: “What is orgone energy?”

If it failed to exist, why did the centralized behave thus militantly in its makes an attempt to get rid of all mention of it from the planet of print and therefore the minds of people?

Why did the centralized provides a death sentence to a well-respected recent man for demand upon continued his studies of one thing that does not even exist?

The centralized has used its authority to ban several viable and helpful technologies. ought to we tend to settle for the FDA’s position that orgone energy does not even exist?

Or, is it in our greatest interests to require another take a look at Dr. Reich’s work and his controversial theory of life energy?

More significantly, will orgone energy be accustomed facilitate neutralize the negative energies that thus permeate our trendy world?

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