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Aether Of The Universe


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“Everything is in motion” – Heraclitus

Aether Of The Universe

Aether Of The Universe. Our universe is impregnated with a substrate of Aether from which electric, magnetic and gravitational fields are born. Aether is the medium in which space itself exists and through which electromagnetic and gravitational waves move.

The Circulation in the Aether generates magnetic field lines along the circulation axis. Accelerated flows in Aether create electric field lines in the direction of flow. Compressions or expansions in the Aether give rise to fields of gravity and antigravity. Some distortions do not produce magnetic or electrical effects and cannot be detected by conventional instruments.

The Aether flows from each point of space to the centre of each mass. The total mass of the universe determines the total flow of Aether. This output establishes an ambient Aether pressure in this universe by default. The pressure has a certain value in space, drops near the masses, and reduces to zero at the horizon of the black hole event. It also defines the speed of light.

The changes of pressure of the Aether on some distance creates gravitational forces just as gradients in air pressure create wind, and so masses attract each other. The Aether pressure also determines the local velocity of time and the scale of space. Gravitational force fields are temporal gradients. The lower the pressure, the slower the time and the smaller the space scale. Therefore, time and space as we know them are ultimately generated by the very masses that occupy this universe.

Moving at constant speed through the ambient Aether reduces the pressure felt locally, slowing down time and narrowing space in accordance with Relativity. The Aether acceleration creates a locally experienced pressure gradient, creating a gravitational force field opposite to the direction of acceleration and inducing the inertia phenomenon. This means that inertia, like space and time, is established by the total mass of the universe, which explains the physical basis of the Mach principle.

The Aether is driven by electric currents, in the direction of current circulation. Compressions or expansions in ether may be induced by compressions or expansions in the flow of current. Current flowing to or from a common center does the same to the Aether. In addition, sudden intense current pulses create compressions in the electron flow, and thus linear compressions in the Aether to produce longitudinal forces in the wires.

Whenever the electric or magnetic fields change without inducing the other, the energy in the created wave becomes partly longitudinal, which means partly gravitational. Due to its geometry, a metal sphere subjected to an alternative electric charge suppresses the magnetic component of the electric field and thus functions as a longitudinal antenna. Similar for flat electrodes with large surfaces, which send concussive waves into the Aether. Or if the stationary electromagnetic waves have the cancelled electrical or magnetic component, then longitudinal stationary waves would result.

When magnetic fields are rapidly rotated, their intrinsic etheric circulation relaxes and partially transforms into compression or expansion. Rotating magnetic fields have a gravitational component.

Since electric fields are accelerated flows in the Aether, an electric field diverges or converges on a compressive or expansive ether component in it. Negative charges such as electrons have a slight antigravitational effect, and positive charges such as protons have a gravitational effect. When the positive and negative charges are kept close but separate, there is a gravitational imbalance between them and the whole thing will experience a net force towards the positive pole, as shown in the Biefeld-Brown effect. Maximizing intensity and non-linearity in the electric field increases the effect. The Aether pressure also influences the natural spacing between electrical charges and can therefore be measured indirectly by measuring the charge density.

Anything that induces current can manipulate the Aether if it is properly directed. The greater the intensity and the divergence or convergence of the current, the better. Ion-acoustic, piezoelectric or thermoelectric processes could allow even sound or heat to interact indirectly with Aether.

Thanks to the manipulation of the Aether, its pressure can be artificially reduced in order to distort time and space. If zero, time stops and space disappears. Beyond that, both become imaginary. It is possible to artificially reproduce the event horizon of a black hole. If the pressure is reduced but kept uniform throughout the local space, then there are no gravitational forces inside, but time and space would still be altered. In this way, a portal in imaginary space-time could be created without the destructive gravitational forces associated with physical black holes – Aether Of The Universe


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