Time – to – Heat Conversion

Heat – to – Time and Time – to – Heat Conversion Alexander V. Frolov According to N.Kozyrev’s theory [1], there is no thermonuclear energy source in stars but any … Read More

Energy conversion

Energy conversion. Investigation of the Possibility of Transformation of Heat Environmental Energy into Electric Energy by Means of a Vortex Process Alexander V. Frolov* — ABSTRACT — The object of … Read More

Another Alternative Energy

A man by the name of Stefan Nystrom unreal способ to come up with energy from ocean waves that he claims would price fifth of what coal energy will. He … Read More

Tapping Limitless Quantities of Energy

Tapping Zero-Point Energyby Moray B. KingP.O. Box 859Provo, UT 84603 ABSTRACT Tapping Limitless Quantities of Energy. The hypothesis for tapping the zero-point energy (ZPE) arises by combining the theories of … Read More