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Non-rocket, non-reactive quantum engine: idea, technology, results, prospects

Vladimir S. Leonov, Oleg D. Baklanov, Mikhail V. Sautin, Georgy V. Kostin

Alexander A. Kubasov, Sergey E. Altunin, Oleg M. Kulakovsky.

Published: // Aerospace Sphere Journal (ASJ) 2019, No1, pp. 68-75.

Vladimir S. Leonov, PhD., Supervisor and chief designer of the GK “Quanton”, Moscow,
Oleg D. Baklanov, PhD., Advisor to RSC “Energia”, Moscow, Russia.
Mikhail V. Sautin, Lieutenant General retired, Moscow, Russia.
Georgy V. Kostin, PhD., Dr. Sci. (Tech), Professor, Voronezh, Russia,
Alexander A. Kubasov, Tester of Space Technology, RSC “Energia”, Korolev, Russia.
Sergey E. Altunin, Engineer, Technical Director, GK “Quanton”, Bryansk,
Oleg M. Kulakovsky, Engineer, General Director, GK “Quanton”, St. Petersburg, Russia,

Annotation: The control tests of the two prototypes of non-jet propulsion of quantum
engine KvD-1-2009 (model of 2009) with horizontal thrust and antigravitator KvD-1
with vertical thrust, were conducted on March 3rd, 2018 by a public commission of
specialists chaired and initiated by the former Minister of General Machine-Building
Industry of the USSR (space branch) Oleg D. Baklanov. KvD-1-2009 developed a
specific thrust of more than 100 N/kW, which is more than 100 times more efficient than
the liquid rocket engine (LRE).

Keywords: jet propulsion, non-jet propulsion, quantum engine, antigravity, quantum
gravity, theory of Superunification, LRE, specific thrust force.

Fig. 1. Quantized structure of vacuum space.

Until recently, jet method of propulsion which fundamentally relies on Newton’s
physics, remained the only way to move in space, requiring use of the rockets. “For me, a
rocket is merely a way, only a method of penetrating into the depths of space, but by no
means a goal in itself… Will there be a different way to travel the cosmos – I shall accept
it too…” wrote K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the founder of Russian cosmonautics [1].

The principle of a non-reactive quantum engine (QE) is based on the quantized
quantum vacuum space structure (Fig. 1). This vacuum structure is used by the QE to
push off from, thus creating a new non-reactive thrust force in accordance with the
fundamental Theory of Superunification [2].

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