The MAGIC Engine


The MAGIC Engine, Dr. eng. Puiu Caneparu. Antigravity is a concept that still people consider a science-fiction utopia.Information on antigravity research has begun to appear in the media lately.In documents preserved in ancient Sanskrit in ancient India over 15,000 years ago, an anti-gravity propulsion method is presented as: a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract … Read more The MAGIC Engine

The Biefeld Brown Effect

Biefeld - Brown

The Biefeld Brown Effect. What is anti-gravity? An artificially created gravity field that can oppose the Earth’s own and provide propulsion. The oldest modern discovery of antigravity belongs to Dr. Alfred Biefeld, professor of physics and astronomy at Denison University. According to an old article in FATE magazine, in the early 1920s, Dr. Biefeld carried … Read more The Biefeld Brown Effect

The Nature of Gravity

Nature Gravity

The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects Abstract: It is explained how one factor underlies the various manifestations of gravity. They include: (1) The primary cause of convergent gravity. (2) The secondary convergent effect. (3) The divergent gravity effect —known informally as antigravity and formally as Lambda, … Read more The Nature of Gravity

Non-rocket, non-reactive quantum engine: idea, technology, results, prospects


Vladimir S. Leonov, Oleg D. Baklanov, Mikhail V. Sautin, Georgy V. Kostin Alexander A. Kubasov, Sergey E. Altunin, Oleg M. Kulakovsky. Published: // Aerospace Sphere Journal (ASJ) 2019, No1, pp. 68-75. Vladimir S. Leonov, PhD., Supervisor and chief designer of the GK “Quanton”, Moscow, Russia, Oleg D. Baklanov, PhD., Advisor to RSC “Energia”, Moscow, … Read more Non-rocket, non-reactive quantum engine: idea, technology, results, prospects

Tests on Superconductor Gravitational Effects

Radial permanent magnet installed near rotating HTSC disk

Tests on Superconductor Gravitational Effects by Alexander V. Frolov 1. Theoretical background. The high density fluctuations in Bose condensate is laboratory scale case to confirm theoretical conclusions about gravitational field cut-off frequency [1]. This experimental work was organized to examine if some resonance effects in 10-100 MHz range can be detected as mass (weight) anomalies. … Read more Tests on Superconductor Gravitational Effects