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Photon. The new definition of a photon includes the following properties of electromagnetic waves:

  1. The propagation of magnetic waves and the constant speed of light. The consequence of determining the gravity and wave behavior of a photon as a transverse wave over the tension of the longitudinal curvature of the Global Aether is that the gravitational field is configured as a reference medium for the propagation of light waves or light ether. in accordance with the advances made by Global Physics in its interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment; especially in relation to the resistance of electromagnetic energy in accordance with the Lens-Thirring effect
  2. .If the propagation of transverse waves has a variable propagation velocity depending on their intensity or frequency in a mechanical means, such a means is considered dispersive, otherwise it will be a dispersed means. With this definition, the luminous ether would not be a dispersive medium.
  3. Another property of light waves or photons, no less important, is that their propagation velocity in non-dispersed media, such as a gravitational field, depends not on electromagnetic energy or frequency, but on parameters of longitudinal elasticity or stiffness of the threads of the global ether-medium that supports light ether, and indirectly light. Intuitively, you can better understand the constant light speed characteristic, thinking that if we hit the rails twice with iron roads, the sound will not go faster than if we hit them only once; that is, the speed of light will not depend on the energy or frequency of the waves. (Set an example, assuming that such rails install an uneasy means …) In addition, the well-known formula Maxwell postulated about the speed of propagation of light waves based on the magnetic permeability of vacuum μ 0 and the admissibility of vacuum (dielectric constant) ε 0 is very similar to the speed of propagation of transverse waves in ropes, which depends on the square root of the rope tension divided by the linear density of the rope.
  4. c² = 1 / µ 0 ε 0 
  5. c = (µ 0 ε 0 ) -1/2
  6. It seems that Maxwell thought of the luminous Ether as a mechanical means of light waves or photons; another irony in the history of science, since now Maxwell’s prediction is widely used as an indisputable argument in favor of the theory of relativity , it seems that the history of knowledge is also written by the winners of scientific battles.
  7. Propagation of magnetic waves and variable speed of light. Following the Maxwell formula for the speed of propagation of light waves, or photons, from the point of view of the doctrine, the fact that the speed of propagation of a mechanical wave in a medium is not dispersive is a property of light waves and that it depends on the square root of voltage and density is very relevant. In itself, this implies the incorrectness of most of the theory of relativity , implying a variable speed of light, by changing the longitudinal stress with the intensity of the gravitational field — the light ether. In addition, if the gravitational field is the medium holder of light, the speed of photon propagation will be higher when this field moves in the same direction and less, otherwise, it is measured in the system of external reference to the aforementioned gravitational field.
  8. Mass and not mass of photons The property of photons to be mechanical waves above the voltage of the light Ether directly indicates to us that light and photons do not have mass. However, due to the very mechanism of triggering, transmission and collapse of transverse magnetic waves, which we described, we can say that with a strict point of view there is a spatial change in material or physical reality due to the elasticity of the properties of the global ether. A photon has no mass and is not a particle (in the material sense of the word particle), but, as a dynamic property of ball-ester, the photon energy is a series of small movements along different propagation light elastotsit volny.Drugimi words, the density of photons change global ester, and when a photon is absorbed by the particle weight, the weight also increases plotnost.Vozmozhno, paradoxically, it was the concept of a photon as particles without mass and capable of transmitting a linear moment, but after explanation it ceases to be. Neither a paradox, nor a particle, in their non-technical meaning. In my opinion, science consists in explaining paradoxes, and not relying on them, let alone gloating over them. 
  9. Therefore, it is much better to talk about photons as a dynamic property of the elasticity of the global ether, since it is a transverse mechanical wave than a particle without mass. In addition, as explained in the book of global dynamics in the talk about atractis, the cause of gravity, electromagnetic energy depends on gravity C using the same mechanism as the mass, and also doubles because of its speed. In other words, electromagnetic energy is an elastic property of the global ether, like mass, but this does not mean that photons and mass are identical from all points of view.
  10. The duality of a wave is a particle of light. In the previous paragraph, we just saw how general mechanics understands the duality of the wave-body of light and clarifies the topic of experiments with a double gap and the photoelectric effect on the photon energy. It should be repeated that a torsional wave moving along a single thread should not lead to diffraction or pass through two slits. However, filaments are part of the global Ether, and the photon actually consists of many affected filaments.
  11. An electron, when it disappears by changing the orbital level, will affect the threads of the global Aether until it appears at a different level. In addition, a set of forces will lead to the transfer of momentum through fan-shaped elastocytes to a certain amplitude in the direction of advancement for each of the networks of the global ether. 
  12. This characteristic or property of light waves and photons will explain the wave behavior of light in a Young experiment or a double slot. Another problem than the duality of photon particles is an experiment with a double slot with electrons, but we will look at this issue by explaining what electrons are and how they move. A good example is viewing on Wikipedia how quantum theory solves the paradox of a Young experiment or a double slot when photons are emitted one after another. 
  13. They suggest that the probability functions of finding a particle at a certain point interfere with each other.It’s good that functions represent waves that they don’t know about, but that a mathematical function has real effects, is only possible in the world of quantum theory. Sorry, in the world of the theory of relativity this also happens with the concept of gravity as a geometric effect of space-time.

We say that this is encouraging for a double reason, because you have noticed that quantum mechanics has a mathematical apparatus, impressively adapted to the properties of photons of physical reality; therefore, you will undoubtedly be able to very accurately calculate the size of the mesh, elastocytes and other derived ideas.

The second reason is that the rationale shines due to its absence in many cases, leaving a clear gap in physical interpretations such as global mechanics.

José Tiberius

Technical assistant:
Susan Sedge

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